The Nashville Predators hade franchise history tonight as they beat the Ducks 4-2 in game 6 to win their first ever playoff series. This is a huge accomplishment for a team trying to make the next step and have success beyond the regular season.

How good it feels to finally have this happen, with all the troubles during the regular season and past playoff failures it was hard to fully imagine this team going past the first round earlier in the year. This team gave it it’s all, by I truly mean team as only 2 players did not register a point in the series, one being O’Brien and the other Lindback. The Predators showed what a team can do when they run a good system and play as a whole instead of individuals.

Though the real story wasn’t Weber, or Rinne or the Ducks top line or even Selanne in my opinion, but the play of the trio of Smithson, Spaling and Tootoo who stepped up and really pushed the Preds forward this series. That line was amazing scoring important goals and giving the Ducks a fit in the offensive and defensive zone. Tootoo especially on that line was amazing and is playing the best hockey of his NHL career. He seems like a new player and is showing that besides hitting he has a scoring touch and isn’t to be taken lightly when he’s around the net.

Now the Ducks played a good series and played well for not having Hiller in net that probably would have made a huge impact on the team. Selanne amazed me during the series showing that he probably has about 2 more years left in the league maybe more as he seems ageless and faster than most players in the league even at 40. One thing that did bother me was how some of the Ducks players (Perry) acted while losing or when getting frustrated taking cheap shots and crossing the line severely on more than one occasion. But a win is a win and I guess that’s all that matters though.

I would also like to point out that I correctly guess this series with Preds in 6, but I did not guess the scoring that the Preds had as I did not expect them to score as many goals as they did. Nor did I expect the Ducks power play to be that deadly and almost win them the series single handily.

All in all I am still a little in shock while writing this so i am going to keep this short, and leave it off with the Preds showed a lot of people what kind of team they truly are and what they can do.

And that the job is not done, 4 wins down and 12 more to go. Lets get it done Preds.

Greg Duley (@G_Duley)


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I'm a little stunned to tell you the truth. I didn't think the Preds had it in them to beat the ridiculous offense of the Ducks. But they did it.

Looks like they're either playing the Canucks or (more likely) the Wings. Who would you prefer? Personally I think a Preds/Wings series would be pretty epic.

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I would probably like to play Van right now as they seem to be exploited even if they pass the hawks, but i agree that a Det/Nsh series would be amazing to watch.

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Just a great showing by this entire team, by far the best series when it came to non stop excitment. I have been a fan of Trotz for years now, I really think he is the most underrated coach in the league, and it was just very satisfying to see him win a series. Job well done and good luck next round.