Getting Out of Hand


While for many viewers the Predators-Ducks series has been one of the most intriguing ones this post-season. Two teams that are essentially polar opposites of each other in terms of strategy and depth facing off to show which one is superior. While I have enjoyed this series and have been an exciting one, I believe that it has gotten way out of hand.

There have been both battles on and off the ice for both teams, but it seems that the Ducks have been taking all the first shots.

Let’s start with game one, while this game did have lots of intensity, it also showcased what happens when the ducks get frustrated. Corey Perry after the whistle in game one, was standing by Rinne and speared him in the groin. Nothing had happened before this to warrant the spear, and seemed to happen out of pure frustration on the part of the Ducks player. (the spear, or whatever you want to call it.)

Now let’s move on to game two of the series. This game lead to the first suspension of the series, coming from Bobby Ryan who stomped on Blum’s skate with the blade of his skate trying to dislodge the puck. While Ryan is not a dirty player and I do not think of him as one, it is still a play that cannot happen in hockey as that is the most dangerous part of the equipment a player has.

Game three, was one of the best and worst games at the same time for me as a Preds fan. While the Preds did win and nothing major came out of it, there was one particular play that had me a little frustrated with the way the Ducks have taken this series. When Legwand scored the third goal for the Preds in the third period, Ward was in front of the net. IF you watch you see Marchant slew-foot him. Slew-foots to me is one of the dirtiest plays you can do as you can easily give a player a concussion or injure his back. It is not a hockey play, and that’s that.

In between games 3 and 4 the Ducks GM came out and before one media outlet, claimed the Preds were divers and that his team should start as well. He also claimed that he had some scouts in Europe and that he asked them to bring back some divers because obviously that’s how you build a team now in the NHL.

Than game four came, and while the Preds did lose the game they lost more than that. They lost arguably their best forward in Erat, due to a player who only payers about 5 minutes a game taking a late hit on him. Ruutu was suspended but that in no way makes up for what the Predators lost in that game.

While this is mostly a rant by me, there is some truth in it. In no way have the Predators been angels this series, but they are not know as a dirty team or one that takes liberties in their own hands. They always take very few PIMs during a season and are never up there in fights as well. They are simply just a hard working team. The Ducks while I do have respect for them as a team, some players and management have shown that they just can’t control themselves and play within the game. Calls go both ways for good and bad, just because you don’t like something or the way it is going doesn’t mean you go outside the rules to change it.

Greg Duley (@G_Duley)


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The Duck's style of play is what lead to Datsyuk deciding to fight Corey Perry in the first game of the season. It was a statement that our skilled players weren't about to be pushed around. The Ducks have played "on the edge" for a number of years, and I don't see that changing any time soon. It' s part of their identity as a team. As a Red Wing's fan it's enjoyable seeing these two teams beating on each other.