It’s been a fun year


Every year has its ups and downs, extreme highs and lows for every fan and team. Nashville certainly had their fair share of both this year, from looking comfortable to making the playoffs, and then to having to win 14 of their last 20 just to make it in.

It was also a year of firsts for this team, with its first series win among the top. The Preds have finally tasted a little success and should look to improve upon this next year.

It’s odd when your team’s season is over; it’s almost as if you instantly look forward to the next season to try and cover up that it’s all over. I would like to look back on the best season the Predators have had yet, one where they accomplished more than many people thought they would. They got national coverage while facing the Canucks, as well as giving them a run for their money when most thought they would lose and get dominated.

As I said, it has been a good year. The team was the youngest to make the playoffs (tied with L.A) and the youngest to win a round. They had some injury troubles that hampered them, especially at center, but the one thing this team did was never quit. At no point during the two series did I ever completely feel like it was over; I learned from the regular season that this club has heart and doesn’t stop until it’s actually over.

One last thing (as my mind is a little cluttered tonight from everything), is that I can almost guarantee that Weber will re-sign with the team, and I’m sick of hear of places that will take him.

In the next couple of days I’m going to take a good look at the season and do player reviews. I'll also look at who the Preds need to keep, release, and who they should look at in the off-season.

Finally, thank you Preds -- it was a good year and will only get better from here.

Greg Duley (@G_Duley)


George Prax's picture

Preds have nothing to be ashamed about. Been a good season and I think a season that's turned a lot of heads towards Nashville. I know your team's on a budget, but I think the key to getting out of the second round next year would be a couple of big name forwards.

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This team should be a great destination for big time players now. Rising in the central as a power team is not easy to do with Chicago and Detroit, but Nashville has done it. I started to follow them about two years ago and have a ton of respect this club. Their fans were amazing this season and last night was the most fun I have had watching a game in a long time. The catfish, the towels, and the volume of noise coming from that arena was great. The lets go preds chant after the loss gave me chills. I actually made my facebook status about it stating that pens fans need to learn a lesson, thats how you cheer on your team after a great season. Sign Weber and bring in a good forward and this team will be back with a vengence. Im thinking they should pursue Zach Parise who is contemplating his return to New Jersey.