Nashville Predators Projections


With the new season just around the corner and the roster all but finalized it, I figured that this would be a good time for some predictions for the season. I decided that instead of doing either player or team projects I was going to do both as obviously as a team does well so do the players and vice versa.

So let’s start with the team as a whole. The Preds are in one of the toughest divisions in hockey, they have to compete against the Hawks, Wings, Blues and Jackets in an already tough Western Conference. The Hawks are of course you’re defending Stanley cup champions and even though they scrapped the depth form their team their core can take them very far. The Wings are yearly contenders to win it all as well, they are showing some signs of aging but knowing them, they’ll find someone to step up and take the reins. Then you have the rest of the division, the Preds every year are written off by analysts and told they won’t make the playoffs or even get a lottery pick. Well missing the playoffs only happened once in 6 years, and they have yet to have a top 5 pick other than David Legwand who was drafted 2nd overall in 1998. The Blues are a budding team who should only better last year’s performance as their young starts have an extra season under their belt and the addition of Halak doesn’t hurt either. The Jackets are relatively unchanged other than in coaching personal, so I don’t expect them to improve a whole lot from last year, unless Mason has a year like his first.
My standings in the Central are as followed:

1. Hawks
2. Wings
3. Preds
4. Blues
5. Jackets

The Preds should be competitive but with a slight transition this year moving towards a younger core they will have their ups and downs. I still see them making the playoffs with around 95 to 98 points from probably about 7th or 8th and will most likely set up a rematch between them and the wings, hawks or sharks as they never seem to have any luck come post-season.

Here’s the tricky part of predictions and that’s players. What makes my job even harder is that you never know what will happen with the Preds as coach Trotz loves to mix up lines. One night a player can be a number 1 center and the next he is the third line center. I will take my best shot at it and cover the main players of the roster.

Martin Erat (R)
10-11: GP:80 G: 20 A: 30 P: 50
09-10: GP: 74 G: 21 A: 28 P: 49

Mathew Lombardi (C)
10-11: GP:82 G: 20 A: 30 P: 50
09-10: GP:78 G: 19 A: 34 P: 53

Colin Wilson (C)
10-11: GP:80 G: 25 A: 28 P:53
09-10: GP: 35 G:8 A: 7 P:15

Joel Ward (R)
10-11: GP: 79 G: 12 A: 20 P: 32
09-10: GP: 71 G: 13 A: 21 P: 34

David Legwand (C)
10-11: GP: 82 G: 20 A: 25 P: 45
09-10: GP: 82 G: 11 A: 27 P: 38

J-P Dumont (R)
10-11: GP: 82 G: 14 A: 25 P: 39
09-10: GP: 74 G: 17 A: 28 P: 45

Patric Hornqvist (R)
10-11: GP: 81 G: 35 A: 30 P: 65
09-10: GP: 80 G: 30 A: 21 P: 51

Steve Sullivan (L)
10-11: GP: 80 G: 15 A: 25 P: 40
09-10: GP: 82 G: 17 A: 34 P: 51

Shea Weber (D)
10-11: GP: 82 G: 18 A: 38 P: 56
09-10: GP: 78 G: 16 A: 27 P: 43

Ryan Suter (D)
10-11: GP: 82 G: 5 A: 30 P: 40
09-10: GP:82 G: 4 A: 33 P: 37

Cody Franson (D)
10-11: GP: 75 G: 10 A: 19 P: 29
09-10: GP:61 G: 6 A: 15 P: 21

Obviously these are not all the players on the Predator’s roster but this is their main core and players that are most likely or guarantee to stay on the club unless they decided top fall of the face of the world of hockey. These are just my thoughts though, post a comment if you agree or disagree with anything.

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Patrick Storto's picture

well the goal scoring has to come from somewhere. I see Wilson having a breakout year, but I'm not too sure that Hornqvist has 35 goals in him.

Greg Duley's picture

Hornqivst last year only averaged about 15 minutes of ice time and scored thirty. If he continues his style of play and work ethic i can't see why he couldn't get more goals with more ice time. As well if the power play improves which it is expected to with the addition of Lombardi and the growth of Wilson i can see him adding the extra few on the powerplay.