NHLPA Files Grievance Against Nashville Predators


Earlier today the media had leaked that there may have been some problems with the Qualifying offers Poile had sent out to his RFAs. There was no word as to what the actually problem was, but when asked about it the Predators were not even aware that there was a problem. The Predators are in the middle of their annual development camp for prospects, and did not seem worried about the situation. 

The NHL then issued a statement saying:

"We are not aware of any defects relating to Qualifying Offers tendered by the Nashville Predators to certain of the team's players as several media outlets are reporting.  Those players, having timely received Qualifying Offers, will be Restricted Free Agents as of July 1, and both the players and the team will be accorded the various rights and benefits of Restricted Free Agency as are set forth in CBA."

Later in the day the NHLPA filed for grievance against the Predators organization, and a arbitration hearing will be held sometime to determine the fates of those involved. The RFA's in question are: O'Reilly, Spaling, Halischuck and Kostitsyn. 

Should the ruling go in favor of the team they will remain RFAs,  but if not all will become UFAs and any team can offer them.

While none of the players are completely irreplaceable, they are solid prospects and should not be let go. While we do not know if anything actually was wrong with the offers, if Poile signs them before Friday than obviously something wrong did happen.

The only good news is that because the team filed for Arbitration with Weber, he is not affected by this or else it could have been disastrous for the organization. 

Hopefully this is all resolved soon, and the players remain RFAs.

Greg Duley (@G_Duley)


Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Kind of a weird thing to happen. I don't think I've ever heard of something like this.

George Prax's picture

Didn't a similar thing happen with the Hawks two years ago? If I remember correctly they all actually became UFAs at the end and they had to overpay for all of them. part of the reason why Versteeg keeps getting passed around. But it that case it was pretty clear that the Hawks missed the deadline, truth is this does sound a little weirder, but if the PA is complaining about one team and not the others something must be up.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Yeah they must have filed them the wrong way or the offers weren't substantial enough. I don't really know how qualifying offers work, but I guess they're the same for every team.

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I think a qualifying offer is like a year deal at 110% the salary.

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A lot of people tend to think they were filed late, but no one knows how late. But the arbitration hearing may not be
for a while so the Preds can sign them before hand if anything.

When it happened to the Hawks 2 years ago, they were filed 2 days late.... i suspect that one of the players got his a couple minutes late and they making a huge deal out of it.

Quick note: Kostitsyn's agent is the same one that Weber got rid of before starting negotiations with Poile, maybe some bad blood and trying to get Kostitsyn all the money they can? (Just a thought nothing more lol)