Positive Spin on Weber Situation


Since the ruling of the arbitration hearing, many people have started dreading the future of Nashville Predators as it’s filled with many question marks and uncertainty regarding its three best players. While the situation is far from perfect, all I have read lately is mostly looking at the negative side, what happens than so instead I’m going to look at the positives and my take on the future.

Weber was awarded a hefty salary of $7.5 million this year making him one of the top paid defenseman in the league which goes along with his status of being one of the top players. With the price tag many assume that the Predators can’t afford it and therefore he must be traded soon, but I disagree. Weber is a top player in the league and therefore must be paid like one. If he continues getting better than the $7.5M price tag is a good one and if a team wants top players and wants the cup than they must pay accordingly. Players like Weber don’t come along very often; he is a franchise face and someone that can be built around. Those are the kinds of players that you want on your team even if you have to pay them big money.

Another big topic that seems to be coming into discussion was that because he went through arbitration that the relationship was hurt and that he didn’t want to be a Predator any longer. While the public may never know his true intentions he and Poile have stated that it isn’t about the city or the team as it is as Weber wants to win the Stanley cup. To me that is something that I want in a player, if a player is just going to sign long term and not care about winning, than that is just as bad as a player leaving except your paying the first player to not care.

My main point with this is that good may come out of this, if Weber wants to see if the Predators can be a contender than it is up to Poile to build one. It will push management to take those risky moves that they haven’t done lately. With Weber, Suter and Rinne all wanting to win, it’s the perfect time for management and ownership to step up and show the fans and the players that they are committed. Losing money in the short term to win long term is something they must be willing to do, as the Preds window has officially opened and they only have so long and that window will close completely for a while if they lose most of the big three.

This may be the push the team needs to make that extra step to show to the NHL that they are serious and that they aren’t content any longer with being underdogs. 



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It's unfair to really speculate anything on the negotiation process I think, but it does really sound like the Preds lowballed him. Otherwise this thing would have never gone to arbitration. No matter how much Weber was asking for I'm certain they could of worked something out sooner, it just seems like both sides were too far apart.

Weber deserves every penny he got, and hope this means that Poile will wake up and realize that he can't lose Weber. Can they negotiate an extension now or is that disallowed because of the one year deal?

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They can start negotiations now, but it cannot be announced until Jan. 1st due to the CBA. As regards to low-balling, I'm not sure if he was or not. No real reports have come out to what the Preds were actually offering him.

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Ya just rumors... which is why I feel bad speculation. But you have to think that there was a bit of a difference in what each side wanted, and when you're up to $7.5 vs. $8.5 which is what Weber was reportedly asking for, if I'm not mistaken, then I don't think that would have held them back from a deal. In any case, it's in Poile's court now.

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There was a difference in what each side wanted in almost every aspect of the contract, but i think that is mostly because of what each wanted one being a short term high cost and the other being longer term lower hit.
But to your last point, it is now up to Poile to prove that the team is a top tier team that can compete for the Cup.For that reason alone, i expect Poile to be very active this year, a lot more than what people are used to. If not, the Preds might have to start a re-build when the big three leave.