Predators Draft Review and The New Jersey


Predators had a fairly calm draft compared to other teams, while others were making huge trades to either better their team or to dump salary, the Predators remained the same. The Predators had 7 picks this year and as well unveiled their new jerseys and logo.

Their first pick of the draft was at number #38 which was given to them in the Arnott trade, and they selected the first goalie Magnus Hellberg. The odd part is that he was not rated as the top goalie prospect, but was in the top 5. He was taken as the Preds saw similarities between him and Lindback and Rinne, which bolds well for the team.

Next was their #52 pick which they selected Miikka Salomaki which is your typical predators draft player, a hard working two-way forward that has some skill and skates well. He was the 7th ranked Euro skater, which isn’t that bad and currently plays in the Swedish elite league.

They then traded their third round pick for LA’s 6th round and Toronto’s 3rd round next year.

For their 4th round pick they selected josh Shalla #94 and is seen as a goal scorer and has good vision. Something the Predators need, a player that is willing to battle and score at the same time. With the Spirit (OHL) he scored 55 goals in 80 games which is something that you can’t teach.

With the #112 pick they selected Garrett Noonan who is seen as a steady defenseman who does all the little things and isn’t someone that will make many mistakes. Something Preds are known for is drafting and developing steady defenseman which bolds well for Noonan.

In the 5th round with the #142 pick selected Defenseman Simon Karlsson who went through a major growth spurt going from 5’11 to 6’3 in one year and is now just growing into himself. He is the definition of longer term prospect, someone that the Predators will watch for a few years before he makes an impact.

With their #172 pick they selected another player who has raw scoring talent in Chase Balisy. He is seen as a smart player with good vision and can put up points. He is also a player that battles and is willing to block shots and battle even though is only 5’11.

The final pick for Nashville was Brent Andrews at #202 who is your typical big defensive center. A perfect 3rd or 4th liner who competes and can help grind out the other team.

During the draft the Predators Draft Review and New JerseyPredators revealed their new logo and Jersey, only the away ones were shown but there were leaks of the home one but it looks to be an earlier version but the colors and style seem to be what the new ones will look like. While I like the new look I know many Preds fans don’t like them or are on the fence. So what does everyone think, leave a comment below.













Overall it was a decent draft for Nashville, they got some potential and hopefully it works out for the team. While I was hoping for the Preds to get in on the trade action and get a scoring forward, hopefully they do that soon or are active on July 1st because the scoring won’t come from within the organization unless a prospect or a player like Wilson or Kostitsyn have a huge year and quickly become dominant game changers.

Greg Duley (@G_Duley)



Phil T's picture

Does Nashville change jerseys every year or something?

Greg Duley's picture

No, they added a alternate 2 years ago, but they haven't changed their regulars since the lock-out. SO they trying to update their look and have a more distinctiveness to their jersey.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Bring back the yellow barf coloured jerseys with the square neckline!

Greg Duley's picture

LOL the old mustard jerseys....i loved those.. apparently these jerseys have piano keys inside the neckline so thats something interesting