Preds Losing Streak Shows serious Problems


Being a young team in NHL comes with its highs and lows, and the Predators have had a little of one and a lot of the other so far. After starting the season 2-0-0, with two wins against division rivals, the Predators have recently lost 4 in a row going 0-3-1 and giving up 16 goals in those loses.

The Predators decided this year to go through a youth movement while trying to match or better there great season last year. While all seemed good at the beginning, it has quickly turned sour for the Predators. While going on a 4 game losing streak at the beginning of the season is nothing new for the Preds who did it in 09-10, it is still something that you want to avoid, and fans are starting to get annoyed.

While losing is one thing, it has mostly been the way the team has lost that has players, coaches and fans getting upset. Even in the games they won, Rinne was the only real reason the Predators walked out with 2 points. The Predators have been out played in every game this season in every zone, and have had breakdowns of every kind.

With the Predators going so young, their oldest defenseman is Klein who is just shy of turning 27, and that has really showed. For the most part the pairing of Suter and Weber has been good, but not like they were last year. Blum and Klein have been ok, but have been prone to lapses in judgment when on the ice which has cost the team. The third pairing has either been Laakso, Hillen or Ekholm in any combination and have all looked pretty bad. Never getting anything more than 13 minutes a game, the 3rd pairing has been costing the team.

As for the forwards of the Nashville Predators, they have been equally as bad as the defence. The offence hasn’t been able to click except for a line of Legwand-Smith-Wilson, which was early in the season. With both Erat and Fisher being injured the offense has had to rely on youngsters to step up, and not many have. Besides Halischuck and the line mention previously, no one has brought their game yet for the Predators, who are already offensively challenged on top of everything.

Though a slump at any point of the season is never good, there are some bright spots to everything.  One being at least the team gets its problems fixed now rather than when they are in the middle of the playoff race. These problems can and will be fixed, so hitting the panic button is not necessary just yet fans. If things don’t get fixed, and this team becomes a lottery team, at least fans can look forward to an exciting trade deadline as both Suter and Rinne, and possible Weber all get traded as this franchise starts another “rebuild” after finally recovering from the one that happened when the owners sold the team.

Either way, it will be an interesting year, and one that decides a lot of the Predators future of the franchise and its core players.