Another game, another loss

The scene was set on this Hockey fights Cancer night.

The French broadcast crew brought in a couple of special guests to help with calling the game. M Cederick in the first period did very well, and even got to yell out et le cool is that? Carey Price was wearing his pink mask and pink accented pads which will be auctioned off to raise money to fight breast cancer.  

The latest lines coming from the Jacques Martin blender found the lines of Eller with Plekanec and Cole, Gionta, Gomez, and Moen, Pacioretty, Desharnais and Kostitsyn, as well as Darche with Enqvist and Palushi. These lines seemed to work well together even though the result was yet another loss.

There was a lot of energy and chemistry on the ice tonight on the forward lines. Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais worked very well together and the addition of Andrei Kostitsyn was perfect. AK and Patches making some room for the diminutive Desharnais to weave his play making magic. Pacioretty and Desharnais each had a goal and an assist and were dangerous most of the game.

Moen got another goal driving to the net and receiving a perfect pass guiding the puck between the legs of Varlamov. He had a decent game with Gionta and Gomez.

The trio of Plekanec, Cole and Eller was also remarkable in this evening of offense. Eller has been a force since coming off the IR the puck seems to follow him even though he did not score. Cole was dangerous this evening as well and rang a couple off the posts. His ice time has been around fifteen minutes per game - this should increase.

There were of course parts of the game that were not so rosy to be sure - PK Subban has had an awful start to this his sophomore season. On this night he was responsible for three goals against, including the cardinal sin of being the last man back and trying to carry the puck at the end of a long shift. He lost the puck to Stastny and of course a goal was scored.

The other thing that was not outstanding was the play of Carey Price. He also has not had a good beginning of the season. This defeat can be laid squarely at the their feet. The Habs scored on their power play (5 on 3) - Plekanec scored. The penalty killing was also a challenge this evening to the Habs, giving up two power play goals in this game. 

There was a good flow back and forth with a young, speedy Colorado team that has yet to taste defeat this young season. 

The two teams provided effort and entertainment and kept the capacity crowd at the Bell Centre on the edge of their seats. The Avalanche won this contest in the shootout. So yes another game another loss but this was an exciting loss and you never know when those loser points will come in handy. Up this week - Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Toronto....wonder how many points Habs will get there....


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I hate to bring this up again, but I think this loss is definitely indicative that injuries are a problem. The forwards are finally settling in and finding chemistry, but the defense is missing a few key elements and it's hurting them. PK hasn't had a bad game in a year + 1 playoffs, so he's allowed to slump a little, Gill is notorious for slow starts, Diaz and Emelin are rookies, and we can only ask so much of Weber and especially Gorges. No Markov, and even no Spacek or Campoli is really hurting them. Gauthier has to make a move if Markov is still a while away from returning.

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Just so you know, we lost our first game of the season against Detroit, so yes we have tasted defeat....

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The Avalanche have played well so far in the season. The Habs on the other hand have played well two or three games so far winning one and losing the others. I really enjoy the up tempo game - but I hate to lose.