Injury Depleted Penguins defeat the Habs

All the injuries accumulated by Pittsburgh - no Crosby, no Malkin, no Letang, no Kennedy, etc - proved to be no problem last night, as the Penguins defeated the Montreal Canadiens 3-1.

The game featured two players who hit milestones in their careers. Arron Asham was playing in his 700th career game, and Hal Gill was playing in his 1000th. When Hal's milestone was announced to the crowd, he received a nice ovation from the Pittsburgh fans, which was nice to see. 

The game itself was a lackluster affair for the Habs. They got Cammalleri back from his injury, and after playing an up-tempo game against the Sabres on Tuesday, the feeling was that the Habs would carry that emotion and effort onto the game in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I think the emotion and effort got confiscated in customs.

Both Marc-Andre Fleury and Carey Price played well between the pipes, with Price making the more difficult saves of the two. Fleury gave up the one goal, a tip from Mathieu Darche on a wicked shot by Brian Gionta, and set up by Yemelin who took a check to make a play.

The Penguins goals came on screen shots and second efforts. Price had a nice rebound game, however did get beat three times - once in each period. 

The main problem on this Habs team so far this season is their lack of emotion and foot movement. They have the wheels to put other teams in the dust, but do not use it to their advantage. 

The last two times the Habs were this unsuccessful in October, the coaches were fired after bad starts to the season. Jacques Demers was fired after a start of 0-4 replaced with Mario Tremblay on October 21, 1995. Enter an emotional Mario Tremblay - first game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Will history repeat itself? we shall see.


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To be honest. I don't think we have the speed people think we have. I think we did a few years back. But I don't think we have it anymore. Other teams are just as fast. But they're bigger. I just can't understand why anyone would break up a line that works. DD,AK,MP worked. Don't fix it unless its broke.

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I was willing to excuse injuries for the first few games. Missing your top sniper and top offensive defenseman, plus others, that's going to take its toll. The team was supposed to start the season with 6 holdovers on defense and a rookie, instead, there are four d-men under 25. Up front Ryan White and/or Lars Eller were supposed to anchor the 4th line, then Betts, now, Andreas Engqvist, the most useless player in the history of hockey. So in certain ways, they have excuses.

But you're right, and I'm admitting defeat. It's beyond injuries at this point. No effort, poor decision making, poor coaching that's frazzled without Kirk Muller behind the bench. It's time to make a change or things could get ugly fast. Unfortunately, Pierre Gauthier doesn't have the balls to make tough decisions. And Geoff Molson is touting the Canadiens cup chances this morning and trolling Twitter instead of running the team. So go figure.

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I smell fire. At least I really hope I smell fire. And I never smell fire. First time I've honestly considered it since even before Guy was let loose.

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I've been considering it since the day J-Mart was hired Tongue

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LOL. I gave him credit always. Usually give the benefit of the doubt that administration knows more than the fans. But 7 games in, and Muller gone and he's deflating quickly shows, to me at least, that he wasn't part of the success. ECF despite Martin.

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He deserves some credit, especially when the team has a lot of injuries. But it doesn't take an expert to see that this team isn't living up to their full potential. They have two guys who should get 30 goals every year (Gionta and Cammy) and they don't. They have another (Pleks) who could be a point per game player, Kostitsyn who's a 20 goal scorer almost every season despite persistently being in the doghouse for some reason, and Gomez who's ruined his own career here. Not to mention Cole who's clearly not benefiting from Martin, and others who are performing in spite of him. That's too many players for it NOT to be a coaching issue, and it was the same thing last year.

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sorry for being away today - could not answer until now. Yes it is beyond injuries - if it was injuries then the effort and wanna would be there which it clearly is not. It appears to me we are at the Carbo - i really do not know - what do you guys think stage. a long season coming up indeed.

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The Pens played a pretty good game though, at least I think so, but I could be wrong.

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The Pens played the game they needed to play. Taking few chances and capitalizing on those chances that were presented to them. They deserve full credit for the win. They took advantage of a very lackluster performance by the habs as all good teams should when they are faced with a flat opponent. They are deserving of the victory.