New Coach: Same Result

The Habs started the day by firing the coach, hoping to inject more emotion in the team. On an emotional day, the Habs played the Devils in the Bell Centre.

The Habs did a very good job in the first period, despite taking three penalties. The Devils did come out of the first period with a one goal lead. But the Habs did play with energy that has not been there for a long time. 

The second period was won by the Habs. 3-2. The period was well played going both ways - a lot of energy in the second. The thing that was weird to me and was very telling - PK Subban scored his second of the season and there was no celebration. Emotionless - for an emotional player this seemed very strange. There was the Cammy fist pump. Campoli scored his first of the season and he celebrated like....well... Subban. It was very strange. The second period ended as a 3-3 tie with the Devils tying the game with a couple of minutes left in the period.

The third period was all Devils. They had more jump however the Habs were still in the game until the Devils scored their fourth goal. It was after that the wheels fell off and the paint peeled. Then the team totally collapsed. 

At the end of the day, Hal Gill had almost 20 minutes of ice time - over 6 on the penalty kill and obtained two assists. He was also on the ice for the three goals for the Devils. Darche was also used more than he should have been once again, but played better than he has all season. Once again the twins - Cammalleri and Plekanec did not play well at all. It will be interesting what happens as the Cunneyworth era continues.

The players did have a players only meeting at the end of the game, before the media was allowed in the room. The meeting lasted about 15 minutes. The quote of the day goes to the one and only Lars Eller.... It was the same old shit in the third period.  Yes, Larry that is right... Now just have to do something about it.




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It's too early to say what Cunneyworth's effect on the team is, he probably didn't have any time to implement any changes. That said, sucks that they lost the way they did, especially by allowing five goals. Hopefully this week on the road will bring forth a better effort, but I think that it's already too little too late.

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The thing that no one has talked about is the performance of Price in all this. It is a contract year - just as in the year of Halak. He obviously did not play well that year. This year he has played well at times but is definitely not playing as well as he did last season. In the last three games he has allowed 3,4,5 goals. Yes it was against good teams BUT he has to do better than that. It may be that just like Lafleur before him he does not do well when playing for a new contract. Just a thought.

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I disagree, I think Price has been more than fine and up to par with last season. He's had the most starts of any goalie in the league this season. His SVP and GAA aren't exactly stellar, but they're still good numbers and among the higher tier of goaltenders in the league, and he's received absolutely no support in front of him. He's saving this team more often than not. What else could you really ask from him?