Two Games in One

The biggest question at the beginning of this contest between the visiting Canucks and the hometown Habs was which Habs team would show up - the Jeckyls or the Hydes. After the shootout the answer was of course - both.

The first period started well for the hometown heroes when a wrist shot by a defenceman no less went through everyone including Roberto Luongo to make it 1-0 Habs. The shot was by Steady Freddy St. Denis with assists to Cammalleri and Plekanecs. They then got into a bit of a problem with penalties giving the Canucks a 5 on 3 for almost a minute. Big Hal Gill once again did yeoman job blocking the passing lane. With approximately a minute left in the first another goal from a defenseman with a wrist shot by Diaz with assists by Pacioretty and Cole. The shots on goal in the first was 13-7 in favor of the visitors. It appeared that team Jeckyl had shown up for the game.

The second period started off well for the Habs Erik Cole intercepted a shot and broke in on Roberto Luongo putting another wrister through the five hole - It still appeared that not only had the Jeckyl Habs shown up but also the Hyde Luongo. This turned around in the second half of the game. Roberto Luongo made some key saves The Habs got a power play and did what they have done four other times with the man advantage - gave up a shorthanded goal. The crowd got quite quiet and the Habs looked very nervous. The shots on goal in the second were 10-5 in favour of the Habs.

In the third period Jeckyl Luongo played quite well giving his team the confidence they needed. Cory Hodgson had a nice goal on a 4 on 4. and then at the end of the game Sami Salo finally scored on a power play with assists from Sedin and Kesler to tie the game up. If there was any doubt that this team sat back in the third - the shots on goal were Vancouver 10 montreal 5.

The overtime went end to end with both goalies making some nice saves. Then came the dreaded overtime - Once again the Habs three were shooting blanks or missing the net on Luongo, while Price allowed a goal by Hodgson.

After the game at the presser a very nervous and visibly agitated Jacques Martin once again looking at his shoes - The difference in teh game was special teams - they scored 4 on 4, on the power play and shorthanded. He also blamed the youth of his defensive corps which as noted above did score two out of the three goals. 

My question is now that the Habs are 4 and 10 at home - when does the leadership in the room come into question and when is enough, enough. Mr. Molson. as they said in the old Canadian game show - It`s your Move.


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If he fires the coach and GM tomorrow he's a hypocrite and makes himself out to be kind of an idiot by giving them the vote of confidence earlier in the week. If he doesn't, the team is screwed for another few days until they finally wake up and smell the coffee. Did you know that they technically didn't even fire Perry Pearn, just made him a scout? What kind of message does that send to the team when they find out their kick in the butt from October was a farce? And, boohoo, Martin's so sad cause his friend got fired, he didn't even get fired! Just an example of how this team makes the smallest possible move hoping to move a mountain.

It's time to change the way this organization thinks.

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Yes I did know that - and everyone in the organization is intertwined with the present team so it change is to be made then - would be all encompassing. A change is needed for sure. Molson does not want to pay guys for not being around - end of story - just renewed Pearn - then change his job - interesting indeed.

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And Perry shows his worth in the scouting department Smile

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Yes he does indeed - this should be fun.