Please Believe!

After the Olympics, I made a joke about Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez going to a recording studio with Nikki Yanofski to record a Habs playoff push song called
Please Believe’. A few people asked me to write lyrics...and yes I always listen to what people on twitter tell me to do.

So here’s a behind the scenes look at the recording between the 3 superstars, and Scott Gomez.

Please don’t sue me Nikki.

It works if you listen to the song at the same time as you read it.

Link to real song-


Please Believe!

We cut in to the recording studio in which Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, Scott Gomez, and Nikki Yanofski have just finished rehearsing.

Cammalleri: How was that guys?

Gionta: I don’t know Mike...

Cammalleri: What was wrong with it?

Gomez: You should more singing and less monotonous crying.

Cammalleri: I get nervous.

Nikki: How much am I making for this again?

Gomez: Probably not more than I’m making- want to compare pay checks?

Nikki: Let’s just start from the top!

*Music begins to play*

Nikki: There comes a moment,

Where the city feels so alone,

On this lonely path of parity,

Ever since Roy found a new home.

Gionta: Sometimes when I’m skating down the ice,

And I see the d-men coming up,

I can’t help but thiiiiiink....

I’m really smaaaaaall.

But hey I make five mill,


Cammalleri: Please believe! We can make playooooffffs,

I mean come on we’re ahead by Seven pooooiiiintssss

Please Believe! We’ll make the playoooofffs

Please Believe, or I think I might cryyyyy.

Pierre Gauthier’s voice: I traded a second round pick for Dominic Moore.

*Second Verse*

Nikki: Fans have been waiting, for this moment since ‘05

To make the playoffs and get in deep enough,

For Lapierre’s beard to come to liiiiiiiife

Cammalleri: In the Bell Centre there will be no doubt,

The fans; in drones they’ll come out,

And Embrace me to beeee the dude who wears the Ceeeee!

No nothing can stop me!


Gionta and Gomez: Please Believe! We can make the playoffs!

We swear O'Byrne won't score an own gooooal,

Please Believe! We’ll make the playoffs

Please believe or Gauthier might diiiiiiieeee.

Nikki: Please BELIEVE! They’ll make the playoffs!

Fatendresse will not weigh them down!

PLEASE BELIEVE! They’ll make the playoffs!

Please believe or elseee Plecaneeeeeeekkkkk

*Hockey players sing chorus in high pitched voices in background*

Nikki: Will wave goodbye!


Pleeekkkkkkyyyyyyy will waAaAaaaAaAave goodbyyyyyeeeee.

Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri: Please Believe! Once we’re in I promise that

Dead Silence follows the end of the recording.

Gionta: How did we do?

Cammalleri: I don’t think that was half bad.

Gomez: 6 wins in a row, and a hit single? Nice.

Nikki: Honestly?...I need to get a new agent.