Fisher's Favs 2/25/13

Hello Islander Country!! Welcome to this edition of Link Checks. Let's hope the boys get some rest after playing 5 of the last 7 days. Here's our Isles news for this week:

Rob McGowan

"DiPietro Placed On Waivers" Rob looks back at the career of the Isles netminder; Is it over? Can he make a comeback, or is he headed toward a buyout? 

Donovan Brooks

"Ryan Strome Looks To L.I. Next Season" In this article, Donovan takes an indepth look at Islander prospect Ryan Strome. 

Mike Flannery

"AHL vs. NHL - A Primer" Mike discusses differences between the two leagues, and how it may affect players and teams.

Lighthouse Hockey/Dominik

"You Can Play Night" Bridgeport Sond Tiger host first 'You Can Play' night, dedicated to equality in hockey. Includes players VIDEO 

Rob McGowan

"Islanders For Sale?" Rob discusses the NY Post article from earlier in the week, and what the sale of the team could mean to fans. Also, a NY Islander spokesman denies the team is up for sale.

That's all for now, folks!

Let's Go Islanders!! 

-Jane Fisher

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