Change In Forecast : Carolina Hurricanes Trade

I'll start off with letting you all know I'm torn about this one.

November 17th 2010, the Carolina Hurricanes make a 4 player trade with the Calgary Flames. A good trade? Hmmmm, depends how you look at it. Carolina picked up Ian White. I'll be honest with you, when White was on Toronto, he was one of my favorite Leafs. I have a few Leaf fan friends who would also agree. He was a leader and a never quit type of guy. When he was shipped over to the Flames I found he lost some of his "Pazaaz" and sort of got lost in the mix. I guess you can't blame him entirely, I mean he was traded to a team that lacks, well, just about everything a team needs. Will he fit in Carolina? Who knows, time will tell. But I really wish it wasn't Anton Babchuk that had to be the one shipped out.

Brett Sutter was also acquired by the 'Canes in this deal. Must have been a pretty weird moment for his father to make that phone call. I think this was a decent pick up. We saw what the franchise did with his cousin Brendan, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the same will happen with Brett. I guess it's a family affair down in Carolina who now have two sets of family pairings.

The part of this trade I dislike the most though is that the Hurricanes traded away Tom Kostopoulos. I am both a Habs fan and a 'Canes fan so I've been watching TK play for a few years now and this guy plays every game as if it were his last. Never takes a day off. Where he lacks in skill ( and yes I know, he lacks a lot in skill) he makes up with sweat, blood and tears. His stats were mediocre but his presence on the ice sometimes was unreal. He grinded when they needed it, he scored when it counted, and he never complained about which line he was on or anything for that matter. I'm gunna miss watching him play, that's for sure.

So did the Carolina Hurricanes win this trade? It's a hard one to tell. If we are talking about immediate results, then no we didn't. Calgary will have both TK and Babchuk in their lineup this week, whereas the 'Canes will have to either throw Sutter down to AHL for a stint, or keep him there for the rest of the season. Ian White will dress and should be able to help the Hurricanes power play who are tied in 21st in the league. I'm assuming he will quarter back the first PP line with Joe Corvo.

From an outsiders perspective this looks like one struggling team trading with another struggling team and will not result in much. However, in reality this should at least spark both teams for bit and hopefully the 'Canes can pull themselves out of this .500 slump they've been sitting at for the greater part of the past two years. Very tired of watching one game and winning 7-1 and then the next game losing 8-1. Not sure where the consistency is with these guys. They are in a tougher conference than last year, but they are for sure not playing to their potential. Let's hope this minor trade and the return of Patrick O' Sullivan can light a spark under these guys and pull out a string of wins!

-Jason Pietroniro

P.S : Jeff Skinner is awesome so far. Saw him live vs the Habs last week at the Bell Center. His cross over skating style is something you need to see in person. Truly remarkable.

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From my perspective, the Canes DEFINITELY won the trade. I love Kostopoulos, met him and he's really nice, hard worker with a great attitude, but he's not much more than a hard worker. Nearly no skill and a journeyman at this point. Not a big loss for the Canes there. Brett playing with his brother Brandon (who played together in Junior) is going to be the best part of this deal. And White > Babchuk. Although the Flames had to make this deal, I really do think the Canes come out clear cut winners.

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Sutters are cousins, but agreed. With the two staals and two sutters, it makes for something interesting, thats for sure.

I liked Babchuk, I did. Perhaps White will find some identity on the 'Canes. I think he likes being a go to guy, which he will in Carolina. Pitkanen i don't think is 100% this season, and Corvo is getting slower every year. Fingers crossed.. I've been back and forth on this trade since it happened.

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Ya, that's what I meant, cousins, lol. Plus I just noticed Brandon's an alternate captain at 21 years old. That's going to be huge leadership for his cousin.

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And I may be wrong, but Brett is older.. So it's going to be tough love in Hurricane town.

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Ya he's 23. But that's what good leadership is all about Smile