Game 3 : Flames @ Habs

It's opening night in Habs Town.  The Calgary Flames and the Montreal Canadiens are ready to battle in the first of two meetings this season.  To make things even more special tonight, this could be the 100th win for the Habs' 24-year-old goaltender, Carey Price. A win would put him in an elite class with Patrick Roy and Marty Brodeur. 

The Flames come into this matchup having lost their first two games this season, putting them in somewhat of a desperate situation to pick up a win.  Montreal also has a ton of pressure on their back.  After a horrible pre-season and a lackluster opening night game with the Leafs, the Habs are looking to impress their fans at home with a big win tonight.  Despite all the injuries the Habs have already taken this year, it's going to be hard to stop them with 21,000 pouring their emotions into the building.

There are two players to keep an eye on tonight, the Flames' Curtis Glenncross and Montreal's Tomas Plekanec.  Both have enjoyed great starts to their seasons.  Glencross has a goal in each of the first two games while Plekanec picked up three points earlier this week, spoiling the Jets' season opener in Winnipeg.  

Mikka Kiprusoff and Carey Price should get the green light in net tonight.  Kiprusoff is looking for his first win of the season, while, as I mentioned earlier, Price looks to make some history for himself, securing his 100th NHL career win.  

Both teams are without key elements to their lineup.  Calgary will be without Mikael Backlund, Brendan Morrison, Raitis Ivanans and Brett Carson.  The Habs are missing Mike Cammalleri, Andrei Markov, Spacek and Campoli.  (Eller, White)


So who will be replacing Mike Cammalleri on the Habs top line?  No matter what reports come in today or what lineup starts the game, we all know Jacques Martin will  at one point or another, change it up.  

I'm not going to try and predict what will happen but I will say this.  PLEASE, do not put Moen on the top line.  He's an important part of the team's bottom six.  Although Kostitsyn hasn't showed much progress offensively from last season, I think he is the best fit.  I've always been a firm believer in the devil you know versus the devil you don't.  Why weaken your bottom six?  Keep it strong and hope for the best out of Kostitsyn on the top line.  If it fails, I think the Habs have more to worry about that just AK46.

Habs season opener starst at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS and TSN-HabsHD.

Bon Match!

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George Prax's picture

I'm gonna go 4-1 Habs. The potential lulz if Calgary loses are too great.

As for the first line mess, I agree with you. Kostitsyn should be there. Frankly I don't think he had that bad of a season last year. He had obviously fallen out of favor with the coach, and he still had a 20 goal season playing half the time in the dog house or a bottom line. The guy can play, Martin just has to be patient with him. As for Moen, it pisses me off every time I see him on the top line. This isn't an excuse, just an observation, but I always get the feeling that Martin sees him as a top six forward, or if not a top six specifically then someone who he wants to plug in there often. I don't get (no one does lol).

Derrick Newman's picture

I think the Flames might break out of their funk tonight and win one finally. I'll say 2-1 Flames in OT/Shootout.

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Derrick Newman's picture

haha...then WTF are you? Hypocrite???!!!

George Prax's picture

Calm down there, Don Cherry.

Derrick Newman's picture

haha....please dont sue me

Jason Pietroniro's picture

Scored tickets to the game. Reporting live from BELL CENTER tonight, lol

George Prax's picture

Lucky bastard.

Shahab Khan's picture

nice guy