Game 3 : Habs vs Bruins

With a 3-1 win in Boston this past weekend, the Montreal Canadiens head back home for game 3 with a 2-0 lead in the series. I think we can all agree, we weren't expecting the Canadiens to be blown apart in Boston, but at the same time, I don't think anyone expected the Habs to walk away with 2 wins. It's really starting feel a lot like last year. The city is a buzz and the analysts are beginning to second guess their pre-post season predictions. Are the Habs going to sweep the Boston Bruins? Is that possible? Let's take a look what's in store for game 3.

Tonight marks the first post season home game for the Habs in 2011 and you can be certain that the fans are going to be giving it to the Bruins hard. This will be the first time the Habs host the Bruins at the Bell Center since the Max Pacioretty incident. Could we have asked for better revenge? Don't forget about Chara's absence from game 2. I'm starting to think either the hockey god's are getting involved, or that Pacioretty wasn't in Boston just to support his team.

First off, by no means is Boston out of this series. With a win tonight they can easily turn the momentum around. It's going to take Montreal a ton of discipline, focus and hard work to ensure a 3-0 lead over the 3rd seeded Boston Bruins. The Habs for sure have some advantages going into this game, but nothing that guarantees them anything. Of course, 21 000 fans booing the Bruins every time they touch the puck isn't going to hurt our chances.

Zdeno Chara is still considered a game time decision. Claude Julien has kept his lips pretty tight as far as his line up is concerned. It's been speculated that perhaps Tukka Rask will make an appearance tonight, as well as rookie Tyler Seguin. Seguin would give the team a bit of a different dynamic, adding speed up the center. At this point you can expect Boston to be trying anything.

The Habs' success depends on which Boston Bruins team shows up tonight. If the Bruins handle this game like they did the two others; simply trying to counter the Habs game plan, instead of sticking to their own, I think the Bruins will find themselves on the short end of things once again. Can the Bruins revert back to their style? It's not going to be easy. But I will say this. If the Bruins come out with a game plan of their own, instead of just avoiding getting caught in ours, they will be more successful then they were in Boston. If they have a hope, they need to forget about the match up and just take this like they would any other regular season game. Gritty forecheck, throw some bodies around, and hope that the referees let some calls slide. If not, I think it's clear that Montreal is in their heads, and it's going to take some lucky bounces to slow us down.

Carey Price will be in nets for the Habs tonight, while Thomas is probable. Like I mentioned, Rask's name has come up here and there, however, Thomas can hardly be blamed for anything that happened in the first two games. Habs roster remains the same, while Boston's Chara is still up in the air.

Although my head is saying Boston still has a chance, my heart is saying the Habs are going to win tonight and close the series on Thursday with a sweep. I'm going to predict a 3-2 win for the Habs. Leave your predictions in the comments below.

Game starts at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS and CBC.


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

I won't predict tonight's game. Too much at stake. Just hope for another great performance from Carey, that Martin gets his match-ups and we frustrate the Bruins. 21,000 fans screaming at the Bruins is going to be something special. Despite the fact that it's like -2 out, I'm downtown and you can already feel it in the air.

Go Habs!

Shahab Khan's picture

my head is saying the Habs and so is my heart!

Jason Pietroniro's picture

No doubt we are winning tonight. I think the Bruins have too many things against them to make it out of here with a win. Julien's self-doubt has transfered over to his bench. MTL may of lost a few battles this year, but they certainly look to be winning the war.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

AK46 practicing with the team. Tyler Seguin wearing a black jersey while others wearing white, during warmups. Perhaps a healthy scratch once again.

George Prax's picture

Julien getting outcoached by Martin is the funniest thing that's ever happened to the universe. I don't like Jacques but he keeps proving me wrong.. I really want to see him get a full season with a healthy line-up. I also can't see how the Bruins come out with a win tonight, but I want to be a little careful about what I say or predict lol.

Also, Seguin being scratched is almost as equally hilarious as Martin vs Julien and Kaberle blowing chunks.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

Almost seems like Kabs is there to mess things up, and then resign in TO. lol Imagine hahahha

George Prax's picture

haha he's a Russian spy. I like that. Maybe Julien is still a Hab at heart and he's screwing things up on purpose too Wink