Game 37 : Habs @ Capitals

Habs, Habs, Habs. Not going so well now is it.

It's been a hard few weeks for Habs fans. Watching their beloved blue blanc rouge fall from first in the division and 3rd in their conference to a mediocre 8th spot in the Eastern conference after their loss against the basement dwelling New York Islanders. After the great holiday I had, this was definitely not the icing on the cake I was looking for.

So what are our problems? Is it goaltending. Nah. Leadership, I doubt it. To be completely honest, I don't think there is as much trouble in Habs land as others are making it out to be. I think the timing of this road trip was bad, and really, I think alot of bounces have just not gone our way. We've out shot opponents in loses. We've out chanced them as well. The puck just hasn't found the back of the net.

We can point fingers at detailed situations. Scratching Subban, injured Markov, or as everyone loves to do, blame the coach. But in all honesty, I really don't think there is much to worry about. We're going to walk away from the road trip as losers, and get right back on track with a few home wins, build some confidence and end the season like we started it. Not saying we're going to win every game, but I can't see us finishing past 4th or 5th spot in the Eastern conference.

Tonight's game should be a great one. This being the first time the Habs (20-12-2) and Caps (22-12-5) are meeting since we eliminated them from the playoffs in the 1st round last season. Too bad it wasn't at the Bell Center. Would of loved to hear the boo birds on OV some more. The Caps are only a few games past losing 8 straight. So it's still fresh in their minds. Which can mean good things for the Habs. If we can get an early goal, and remind them of their losing ways, and last years 1st round, we can grab momentum and carry it.

Despite Montreal's loses over the past little while, winger Mike Cammalleri has woken up. He's hot with 12 points over his last 12 games. For Washington, Ovechkin is still scoring big, just not with goals. He's got 15 points in his last 16 games.

The Caps are without a ton of players tonight. Perreault, Poti, Fehr, Shultz, King, Gordon, and Bradley are all not playing. Some on IR, others just missing tonight's game.

Price and Neuvirth should be getting the starts tonight.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS and TSN-HDHABS


-Jason Pietroniro


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And too bad the Caps had to find their feet again JUST before this game...should be interesting...

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Can't believe it took this long to get this match-up. And during the holidays no less when a lot of people don't care during the holidays lol. But it should be a good one even with the Habs playing poorly and all the Caps' players on IR. It's an opportunity for the Habs to finally start winning again and get some confidence against a team they know they can beat. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a Habs win.

mmmm Liveblog tonight?