Game 42 : Habs vs Bruins

Original 6 showdown in Montreal tonight. The Boston Bruins roll into town for the third meeting between these two clubs. Let's take a look at where both these teams are at.

Both teams flew out the gate early this season. With Stellar goaltending from both teams, the wins came in bunches throughout the first two months of the 2010-2011 campaign. After the past month or so, both teams have struggled offensively. Boston's scorers Milan Lucic, Savard and Bergeron have all really slowed down. Same can be said about the Habs. Plekanec is getting no help out there, and Mike Cammalleri has been inconsistent all season. Not to rip on the guy, but theres nothing more frustrating that watching a natural goal scorer try to set up the play. He's not going to the net, he's not playing the his usual style. It's extremely frustrating to watch the Habs come into the zone. I'm not sure what they're trying to do. The come in from the outside, looking for a pass to the slot, which almost never works, and when it does, the skater in the center either shoots it directly in the goalie's chest, or skates it to the corner, and looses it in a battle. I'm starting to think that they just don't focus on offense during practice. I'm not one to point fingers at coaches, but it's getting out of hand. No one skates in the zone late, theres no creativity in any plays and even our power play looks terrible. The addition of J-Wiz has, in my opinion, side stepped our power play. Yes he has a great shot, but for god sakes move the puck a bit more before giving it to him. Last games 5 on 3 with Cammalleri and Wiz on the point was a freakin joke. This is NHL level hockey. Confident of not, it was a shame to watch.

As Prax said, there are no excuses going into the next few games. If we cannot produce goals, then you can't blame our poor play on injured defensemen. You can't say Price has slowed down. The only thing we should be focusing on is our entrance to the zone. We seem to be half decent once set up, but we just can't break the blue line with control. I watch other teams, even the Juiniors, and they're passing is so much more crisp than the Habs have been this season. Don't even get me started about the amount of shots we miss in the offensive zone. I'm not kidding, I refer to them as the Manque le but Canadiens.

We can expect to see two teams going through some mid season struggle. One a bit more than the other, but a struggle nonetheless. Will come down to offense tonight. Who scores first I think will make a big difference. Bruins can be as undisciplined as they like, as the Habs will not produce much on the power play.

No guarantee on who's in nets tonight, but I'll assume Price and Thomas, in this very important Northeastern divisional showdown.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on CBC, RDS and whatever other channel you want to see a professional team play like they just don't care.


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

Sorry I didn't leave a comment earlier. That game has left me flabbergasted. Definitely going to try and get a recap up but that was insane, can't believe they came back from 0-2!

Jason Pietroniro's picture

You know what's sad about it though. That coming back from a 0-2 is a huge accomplishment for us.

George Prax's picture

I think it was more that they did it in the span of 3 minutes with a goal that was waived off. Not to mention the goals they scored were ridiculous lol. But you're right, they shouldn't be in that situation and it's remarkable that halfway through the season it was the first time they did it.