Game 46 : Habs vs Flames

We welcome the Calgary Flames to Montreal, on this, the coldest day of winter so far. A whopping -22 degrees out there in the city, should make for a very uncomfortable trip into town. At least that's what Habs fans are hoping. Let's take a closer look at tonight's match up.

I guess it's safe to say, with a record of 20-20-5, that the Flames aren't exactly playing the best hockey they could be. But don't cut these guys short, they have the ability to turn it on at times, and can explode out of the gate. Doesn't happen often, but the Habs better not underestimate them. With offensive talent such as, Jerome Iginla, Alex Tanguay and Rene Bourque, the Habs will need to play a disciplined defensive game. The Flames are just as fast as the Habs, but they have a bit more size. Let's hope we can solve Kippy in the first, or this might be a long one for Habs fans.

This game is a bit special. Not only is it the first meeting of these two teams this season ( rare ) but it is also a preview of this year's Heritage Classic that's coming up in February. On top of it all, it's always fun to watch a Canadian East vs West showdown. And having Iggy in the building in Montreal is always a pleasure.

James Wisniewski is playing some great hockey for the Habs since we picked him up. He's got 4 points in his last 4 games, and he has complimented our powerplay very nicely. Over on the Flames, Veteran Ollie Jokinen has picked his game up, having scored three points over his last 4 outings.

Habs are of course without Markov and Gorges while the Flames play without Regehr and Staios.

This preview is gunna be short and sweet, as I am extremely sick and it's Monday morning. Here's to hoping that JM keeps the pairing of Subban and J-Wis on the 1st powerplay!!!


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

Yup, it's definitely cold. But I guess people going to the Heritage Classic should get used to that. Definitely fitting weather considering this is a bit of a preview for that game hahaha.

Looking forward to this one, hard to predict considering how the Habs play against bad teams, especially ones from the west.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

Tell me about it. I didn't want to say it, but we seem to play good teams with more drive. Seems we can shutdown only obvious threats. A few season back I took a look at how many players score their first 1-5 goals against the Habs.. The numbers were surprising. Most against Price. Bad mentality if you ask me.

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So it looks like half the team is out with the flu... including your boy wisniewski. This is not good.

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Shitty. As much as it's nice to have the Wis, I freakin hate him as a person. lol .