Game 7 : Habs @ Bruins

NOTE: Read George Prax's recap of Game 6 here.

Someone's going to be a winner in Boston tonight! It's time for game 7. After a nail-biter win last night at the Bell Center, the Habs jumped on a plane and shipped up to Boston. I'm not going to lie, last night was a blur. It was my first time attending a playoff game and I don't think I could of picked a better game to go to. I've been to a ton of games at the Bell Center, but nothing like this. By far the best game I've seen live. I'll never forget the sound of 21,000 people screaming at a referee like they did last night. Quickest reaction I've ever seen. It was hardly even 2 seconds after the ref waived the goal that towels, cups, and whatever else fans could find flew over top my head. People we going nuts. But enough about last night. Tonight is what it's all about.

What's it going to take to win tonight? Aside from the obvious, the most important thing for the Habs success is by keeping their cool. Seems the Bruins get caught up in the emotions a bit easier than the Habs do. If we can aggravate them early then we can get an edge. Discipline will also be a defining factor. Last night's PK was pretty impressive but I rather avoid killing penalties all together. Habs also need to win more faceoffs. Not going to be easy, especially with Boston picking their matchups.

Who's hot? Apart from both Carey Price and Tim Thomas, Mike Cammalleri is the hottest player in this series. He's got nine points in six games. No Surprise here. Cammalleri had 13 goals and 19 points in 19 games during last year's playoff run. Patrice Bergeron is leading the Bruins in points this series with 6 points. He's also sitting pretty with a 60.9% in the faceoff circle.

James Wisniewski is a game time decision tonight. David Desharnais did not make the trip to Boston. If Wisniewski is in, who sits out? Personally I wouldn't take Mara out of the lineup. His size and demeanor is something the Habs can use. I've liked what I've seen from him this year compared to last. The Bruins roster remains the same.

82 games boiled down to a game seven showdown in the Garden. The Habs season and the hearts and souls of millions of fans rest in the hands of our boys in blue, blanc, rouge tonight. I hardly ever use this word but tonight's game will be an EPIC battle. You simply could not have written a better story for these two teams this season. Can't wait for the puck drop.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS, CBC, and Versus.


-Jason Pietroniro


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Sorry to of kept it short. Theres not much more that can be said about this series. It's been over analyzed to death. All comes down to who wants it more. My Prediction is a close game. Perhaps an OT finish. 3-2 Habs.

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nothing else needs to be said Jason

we all wish we were in Boston right now!

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I can't take much more of this lol. Tonight's going to be tense. I'm kind of sick of the Bruins and their fans so I'm glad it will be over after tonight, but it's been a great series. If history is any indication, Habs have the upper hand here and who ever wins it's likely to be less tight than the games before it. I can't predict this, no one can, but my original prediction was Habs in 7. So..... Tongue

Go Habs Go!

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If we win, it's going to be weird to see us play another team. lol

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I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with myself tonight - win or lose lol

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I just hope that if we do lose , that it's not a melt down. We'll never hear the end of it.