Game 7 : Preseason Bolts @ Habs

Tonight will be the 7th game for the Habs this pre-season, finishing the week off with back to back games against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  As we near closer to the first game of regular season you can expect to see, from both teams, some more realistic rosters.  

Chris Campoli will make his debut in Montreal tonight, pairing with Gorges on the blueline.  You can also expect to see Peter Budaj between the pipes. Starting lineups should look a little like this:




I think it's safe to say that it hasn't been the most interesting pre-season for Habs fans this year.  Between less than impressive lineups and the constant news of injuries, it sort of feels like where we left off last year.  Does it really mean anything? Not really.  Apart from "Silk Knees" Markov, it's a sure bet that most of the lineup will be ready to win some games come October 6th.  Let's just hope that General Manager Pierre Gauthier spends no time looking through the endless amount of garbage that Habs fans constantly spit out all over Twitter.  I swear if he took any advice from the fans, we'd be straight up Shattenkirk's creek.  What I'm getting at is simple.  Chill out, it's just pre-season. 
And finally, just to get under everyone's skin, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champions.  Say what you will, but Boston deserved it.  And contrary to what most fans keep telling themselves...They do have a shot and doing it again.  Boston is going to be good for a long time,  so get over it. 
Bon Match. 


George Prax's picture

Looking forward to this one. Gionta on the 3rd line instead of next to Gomez is a peculiar choice but one that I welcome. Gionta's performed IN SPITE of Gomez since he's been here, so it'll be interesting to see what he can do with a Dynamic center in DD not to mention what he can do with AK. Can't wait to see Gallagher though, and Bournival. Make or break for them.