Game Day : Flyers @ Habs


After a close game against the Islanders earlier this week, the Habs are ready to take on the visiting Philadelphia Flyers.

 While the Habs have had their injury problems this season, the Flyers have had some of there own lately.  Superstar forward Claude Giroux is sidelined with, what appears to be, a serious concussion after taking a knee to the head from his teamate Wayne Simmonds.  Veteran blue liner,Chris Pronger is also out of the lineup with concussion like symptoms.  Pronger also suffered a serious eye injury earlier in the season, and is also having issues with his knee.

Tomas Kaberle has made an impact for the Habs so far in his first two games having scored three points but It still was not enough to avoid coach Jacques Martin's doghouse. During Tuesday's game vs the Islanders, Kaberle was glued to the bench in the third period.  It went somewhat unnoticed by critics afterwards, but I suspect either it was for his poor defensive play or perhaps he suffered some sort of minor injury and he sat just incase, either way, it's something to keep an eye on tonight.

There is no doubt that Erik Cole and Andrei Kostitsyn have been the most consistent players for the Habs lately, collecting points in their last few games.  It seems Kostitsyn has found a way to find the back of the net, and he is doing it with far less space than he was in previous seasons.  While he may still be the Habs most criticized player, Kostitsyn is scoring goals in situations that he was unable to do so in previous year and has deemed himself worthy of being called the Habs most pivotal player at the moment.  At least I am giving him that title.

In the first two meetings this year, the Habs and Flyers have split the wins, each at home.  With this being the 3rd of 4 meetings this year, expect both teams to be gunning for the upper hand.  In previous season's the Flyers have had the Habs number, but this year it looks like they may be struggling against the systematic approach set by Jacques Martin, something other teams have had no problem getting by.

While it has not been confirmed yet who is starting in nets for these teams, you can assume Carey Price and Ilya Bryzgalov will get the calls.  Price has carried the Habs through the first 30 games and you should expect no different tonight.  Bryzgalov struggled early this season but has pulled himself together in December, going without a loss in his last 6 starts.

Going to be a good one at the Bell Center tonight.  My official prediction will be 3-1 Flyers.  

Game time is at 7:30pm and it will be aired on RDS and TSN!

Bon Match!


Despite collecting assists in the last few games Habs forward, Mike Cammalleri, is a bum. A 6,000,000 dollar bum.


George Prax's picture

Good preview. Should be a good game, I think the HBO cameras are in the building. I didn't notice the Kaberle thing (since I was sleeping during most of the game), but that's kind of ridiculous of he's benching his GM's big acquisition. It's like Martin is trying to get himself and Gauthier fired lol

Jason Pietroniro's picture

Well like I said, it may have been rest ( pulled something, or strained), or even an equipment thing. I didn't notice until someone texted me thinking he was out for injury, but then I noticed he was on the bench. I'd be down for the Habs making an appearance on 24/7 lol. Just pirated the first episode. Check it out tonight after ther game.