Game Day : Habs @ Bruins

Perhaps the most anticipated game of the season is here. I know I said that last time, but after what went down in Montreal just a short time ago, this game takes the cake. Habs roll into Boston to face the Bruins for the first time since the Chara/MaxPac incident. I'm not going to go into details about this one, as TCL's George Prax will be posting a blog on the topic, but I will say this. If the rivalry wasn't at it's all time boiling point, it is now.

Habs have taken 4 of the 5 meetings this year, with a win tonight it would really add the the already frustrated Boston Bruins lineup. If we are going to face these guys first round, a win tonight is exactly the edge we want going into a series. I don't expect this one to be pretty. There will for sure be fights. I'd love to see a Chara fight, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Who's hot? Subban, AK46 and Price have been stepping it up during the injury plagued final stretch. While Boston's Chara has been helping his team win games. Chara's coming off a 3 point night in his last outing.

Rask tonight? Not this time. Thomas and Price have both been confirmed to be starting tonight. Looking forward to the potential Vezina nominee showdown.

So what do you think will happen tonight? Will it be a barn-burner? Will the Habs be looking for revenge for the Max Pac hit? Will it be a defensive battle? Will we see something happen like we have in their last two meetings? Who knows. Personally I can see there being a fight or two, and a ton of scrums, perhaps some goalie rushing, but nothing more than that. I expect the refs to be very tight on calls. Bettman issued a warning to both teams prior to the rematch. Let's hope we make it out of Boston alive : )

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS and TSN


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

HUGE game tonight. Completely unpredictable too. Can't wait.

StephD's picture

I only see it getting out of hand if Boston is down a few goals early on.