Game Day : Habs @ Coyotes

The Habs travel to the dessert to face off against the Phoenix Coyotes.   The last 7 times these two teams played each other, the Habs have walked away with the victory.  With a struggle filled start, I don't like the Habs chances at making it 8 straight.

The Phoenix Coyotes look to already be playing in mid season form.  Veterans Ray Whitney and Shane Doan are off to incredible starts.  In 13 games played Whitney has 14 points and Doan has 10.  Let's not forget to mention the explosive Radim Vrbata, who has 12 points.  While Vrbata may not make the score sheet every night, you can count on his explosive streaks to help keep the Coyotes in the mix with some of the higher rated teams in the Western Conference. 

Les Canadiens are struggling, theres no nice way to put it.  It seemed they had pulled themselves out of the hole they had dug, but from the way things have gone so far in November they're right back in it.  After Perry Pearn was let go it seemed to have given the team some jump, but that quickly fizzled out within a few games.  The Habs look terrible on the rush and their transition play is hardly worth mentioning.  They lack a playmaking defenseman ( Markov ) to set up plays coming out of their own zone.  I'm not sure whether they can't pass or if the forwards are just not willing to work to accept the pass, but its disgusting out there.  

It's pretty hard to say anyone on Montreal is off to a great start.  Offensively the Habs are lead by Tomas Plekanec, who seems to be the only Canadiens that is earning his spot.  He may have had a bad game earlier this week but I don't hold him to it, I would be frustrated with my team as well.  Max Pacioretty will also get a mention, as he has 11 points in his first 14 games of the season.  As for the rest of the team, in my honest opinion, they are a few levels below mediocre.  We are not getting the kind of effort we expected from a lot of our veterans.  Cammalleri loves to rip around the ice looking busy and Gionta is hardly noticeable some nights.  

Carey Price and Mike Smith get the call in nets tonight.  Mike Smith has been a surprise since his arrival in Phoenix, he's already tallied 6 wins with a .926GAA, a far cry from his performances when he played with Tampa.  

Game starts at 9:00pm tonight and is being aired on RDS.

Bon Match!


A few notes.

Mike Smith's success does not confirm Ilya Bryzgalov's lack of talent.  It only confirms that being a successful goaltender in a low pressure marker is an easier feat to accomplish.

Cammalleri did have a good game this Monday vs the Oilers.  Apart from that, not so much.

Andrei Kostitsyn's absence last game proved his worth to his team.

The Habs need to forecheck.  They were a few games ago, and they did it with success.  You can cheat the system while the score is even, and you need to let go of the system when down two goals.  You don't make friends with salad.





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Just to play Devil's advocate here, they've only lost 2 games, and played well in the first of the two losses. There's no denying they have a lot of problems, and I think the win streak was a mirage more than anything, but even I wouldn't jump off the bridge just yet. I actually see them winning tonight.

And Plekanec was horrible on Tuesday. It's amazing how he's assisted on all 4 of the Canadiens goals over the last two games, but also contributed to pretty much all the goals against too.

4-2 Habs.

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No Cammy and no AK tonight.

My body is ready.

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I knew u were going to play the DA! I know it's two games, but after they won the first one once Perry was canned, I called this. a few wins, then fall flat. i should give a few more days before pushing the trigger, but I can't stand losing by not trying. and yea we did well vs the Yanks but our passing was still a joke, and out rush well, we don't have one.

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4-2 Habs? No Gomez, No AK, No Cammy.
Gunna be a tough on, Boss!

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That was before I knew Cammy was confirmed out. And Gomez? Who gives a shit if he's not playing?

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Thing is, I wouldn't say they didn't try, they actually forechecked well against the Oilers in my opinion, their strategies were just horrible. That game could have easily been a win and I think people overreacted to it being a loss because the negatives were just so frustrating. Tonight could be a true test.

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You can see the frustration in their faces. I know they're trying, but I hate seeing ppl not reach for pucks. Saw that far too many times.