Game Day : Habs @ Ducks

The Montreal Canadiens are far away from home tonight, they have arrived in California to take on the struggling Anaheim Ducks.

 What makes this match up interesting is that both team are looking for a win to give them some momentum.  The Ducks are looking to get out of the basement of the western conference and the Habs are looking for a win tonight to give themselves some spark to start off their road trip.

There isn't too much to say about tonight's match up other than both teams desperately need this win.  The Ducks have lost seven straight leading up to tonight's game and they are not getting the production up front that they are used to.  Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan are not living up to their potential so far this season.  While Perry and Getzlaf have contributed on a mediocre level, it's Ryan who is slugging it up.  Ryan has a total of only 11 points in 23 games, and word on the street (twitter) is he is being shopped by Anaheim management.  

While the Ducks may have their problems finding their way, the Habs are no strangers to inconsistency this season either.  Adding to the inability to string two wins together, the Habs offense is as hot and cold as it gets.  One game they seem to have things together and are firing on all cylinders, and the next game they are sluggish and can't burry a goal to save their lives.  What is the route of this inconsistency? Who knows?

While Injuries have been the issue in Montreal this season, tonight is a little bit different.  Max Pacioretty will be serving his first of a three game suspension for hitting Penguins defenseman Kris Letang this past weekend.  Pacioretty will be missed strongly by his team as he is the Habs second leading scorer with 19 points. Highly touted prospect Louis Leblanc has been recalled, but whether or not he'll play remains to be seen. Andrei Markov is speculated to return to the line-up after a year-long absense.

Anaheim is still without superstar defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky who is still sidelined with a broken finger.  The Ducks are also without George Parros and Jason Blake.  

Goaltenders Carey Price and Jonas Hiller are expected in nets.

Game starts at 10:00pm and is being aired on RDS.

Bon Match!




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Excited to see Andrei Markov back and (hopefully) Leblanc (unless Martin pulls a Martin and puts him on the 4th line... ugh). Should be an interesting game. These teams have a history of trading but not much playing against each other. Seeing Saku will be good at least.

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Markov not playing, Budaj in goal.