Game Day : Habs @ Flyers

Habs vs Flyers has a special place in my heart. As it should to all Habs fans. This is the team that, over the past few years, has ended our playoff hopes. Not sure how we always end up playing them at some point (thanks for the collapse, Boston) but we always do. So a handful of wins against them in the regular season is always a plus. Let's take a look at both these teams, coming into tonight's game.

The Flyers are going to be a great test for the Habs tonight. We get to watch what could be the first round of the 2010-2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. As much as it may frustrate other Habs fan to hear this, I love the Flyers. I love their attitude, their fans ( apart from the class-less acts) and everything about the team. I like their dirty players, I like everything that comes with them. They go to the net, they have young talent, they have depth in every element of the game. I don't care what people say about the Canucks or Detroit this season, I will say it once again. The Flyesr will win the cup this year. It's their time. Providing Pronger and Richards stay healthy, this team will again go to the finals again and they will pull it off this time. No disrespect to the Canucks, they are having a killer season, but the grit of the Flyers will just be too much to contain.

Getting back to tonight's game, I think it's going to be a blowout. If Carey plays tonight, we're going to see his worst game of the season. I have a hunch! I predict it to be a 3 goal game after the first.

Who's hot? Well the entire Flyers roster is hot. Goaltender rookie Sergei Bobrovsky looks to win his sixth straight win. While the remainder of the team looks to win their tenth game of the month. On the Habs side of things, their top six has woken up, even with Cammalleri out. Gionta, Kostitsyn, Plekanec, Gomez and Pacioretty all have had multi points nights the last two games.

The Habs have been playing great hockey this month, but nothing that can compete with the Flyers. Philly has 4 lines that will be out scoring points tonight, while the Habs will have nothing if their top 6 is shut down. If the Habs don't survive the first ten minutes physically, this will be, like I said, a blowout. I say dress Auld for tonight.

Game time is at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS, and Versus.


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

Special place in my heart? more like special place in my bowel movements. Should be a fun game, I hope White is in and does some messing around. With a few Habs playing banged up it might get ugly. Whatever happens, it might be the closest thing to a playoff game we'll see til April, and I don't know if that's a good thing.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

hahahha. I can't help it. Bruins and Flyers are two teams I can't not like. As much as they drive the Habs nuts, I freakin love em. lol

Gunna be a shit show tonight. wait for it.

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Jason = Greatest Habs fan alive.

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Was waiting for Trible to comment on this one. Can't argue with the facts. Philly's GM made it happen. The team is 4 lines of fuckin fury. With all the right goaltending issues. This team, if healthy and head strong, should have no problem making it to the finals. They have the perfect balance of talent, grit, youth, wisdom, and arguably the best coach in the entire league. I think it will come down to Vancity and Philly in the finals, and the Flyers will simply shutdown the pretty passing of the Canucks top 3. Kesler should be a Flyer anyways.