Game Day : Habs @ Senators

So the Montreal Canadiens are clinched. Pretty awesome feeling, however I would of liked it to of came a few days earlier than it did. Even though they are for sure in the playoffs, tonight's game is still important. Are the Habs going to end up playing Boston, Philly or Washington? I don't know if any of these teams are better opponents than the next. Either way, I'm excited to be in the playoffs, and I feel their chances to get through the first round are there. All depends on which Montreal Canadiens team shows up.

Looking at tonight's match up, there is no excuse not to pick up two points. The Sens haven't exactly had the season they had hoped for, and with the amount of key players not in the Sens line up, the Habs should walk out with the win. Even with Anderson's ability to shine, this should be a walk in the park.....Watch them get shutout.

PK Subban has gotten even more attention this past week. Having scored in 3 straight games, PK is the hottest Hab on the ice. Cammalleri and Kostitsyn have finally seemed to of found that chemistry they had last year. Kostitsyn has been working on his playmaking ability, and his stats as a passer is slowly on the rise. As much as I have questioned my faith in AK, it seems he's simply a late bloomer. I'd hate to give up on him after this season. I know he faces arbitration and that usually means bad news with players like him, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt this time. I hope he's a Hab next season. I really think it will be his break out year.

As far as injuries go, the Habs are without their regulars. The Sens are also without a handful of players. Alfy, Carkner, Gonchar, Karlsson, Regin and Svatos. Like I said earlier, with all those key players out, Montreal should have no trouble picking these guys off.

Expect to see Alex Auld in nets tonight for the Habs, and Craig Anderson in nets for the Sens. Would be a good time to rest Carey, and we all know he can use all the rest he can get before the 1st round. I would also expect some tweaking of the lines by JM tonight. Some last minute prep for the playoffs.

Not sure how the pace will be tonight, but I am expecting a win from the Habs. Going to say a low scoring 2-1 win for the Habs.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS and CBC.


-Jason Pietroniro


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I expect tonight to be a letdown game. Unless Martin has a specific strategy of who he wants to face - and at this point I don't think it really matters - I think he'll opt to play his regular boring game and take whatever's given to them by the end. There's really no urgency to win anymore so hopefully he'll use this time to tweak, rest the weary and play those who have been itching for ice time. I expect a boring game and frankly, a Sens win, who have nothing to lose at this point.