Game Day : Habs @ Thrashers

Deadline is done. Happy? I'm somewhere in between. Am I happy we didn't get desperate and try and make a deal to land a top 6? Yes. I'm very happy we avoided that. On the other hand, I think we missed an opportunity to perhaps pick up something a little less in your face, than a top 6. Was hoping for either a face-off specialist, or someone that could protect some guys up front. A 4th liner to replace Pyatt. I never question Pyatts heart, but it's just not working out. Either way, moving along.

The Habs flew into Atlanta last night for tonight's game. With the recent flat line of the Thrashers the Habs need to take advantage of the situation. No excuses tonight. This must be a regulation win. Atlanta has struggled badly since All Star weekend. Byfuglien is not playing the same kind of hockey he was in the first half of the season. Goaltending has become an issue as well. Offensive/ defensive struggles, you name it. The Habs need to capitalize on this. They have to be going in there with the "kick em while they're down" mentality. Just not sure what team is going to show up tonight.

Hot hands? Hmmm. Maybe you can call it that, but AK46 has somewhat woken up. Is he showing fans that he is an impact player? Not yet. His assist last game from behind the net was impressive, but these plays are too few and far between. AK46 was supposed to be our top 6 power forward. Driving the net, laying hits, and taking hits to make plays. He's done all but that this season. Starting strong, as he usually does and then just fading away, has become all to familiar to Habs fans. But we have no choice at this point. AK is a Hab at least until end of the season. Fingers crossed he continues what he's been doing the past two games. Doubt it, but hey, lets hope.

Mike Cammalleri has begun to show signs he's recovered well from his separated shoulder. Originally I thought MC wouldn't be the same for the remainder of the season. Usually when players of his style get injured like that, they have a hard time finding their pace when they return. Gaborik couldn't get back on track earlier in the season after suffering a separated shoulder, and that was my concern with MC. So far so good, lets hope this lasts as well.

Andrew Ladd has scored 6 times in the past 6 games. Making him the hottest hand on the Atlanta Thrashers. With Pavelec injured, Chris Mason has taken his spot. Fared well last game, stopping 47 of 49 shots, after Pavs went down in the first.

Carey Price still got the flu? Not sure. So far today, I haven't seen anything that says he will or will not play tonight. I'm hoping he will, as Alex Auld reminds me of those days while watching Theodore in nets. With every shot against, I hold my breath. Chris Mason is the obvious guy in nets for Atlanta. Not sure the details on Pav injuries but it seems he will be sitting tonight.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on RDS.


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-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

You know how I feel about the deadline obviously Tongue

Like I said I'm sort of on the fence but I don't understand how Gauthier couldn't do ANYTHING to help the forwards... if I see Pyatt on the top six again, I swear to God...

tonight should be a fairly tight game but I'm not too confident to be honest. We'll see.

George Prax's picture

On second thought, regulation loss please Wink

Jason Pietroniro's picture

LOL. I'll take an overtime win. That way we are all winners.
Except for Toronto.

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There is nothing I'd like to see more than the Leafs making the playoffs, only to eliminated 5-6 games later.

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30 minutes to gametime

Shahab Khan's picture

Not Dressing tonight - Weber, Picard, Pyatt

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Surprised they won (almost a shutout too) but they were heavily outplayed for large portions of the game. Look out for my recap later.