Game Day : Habs vs Caps

The hottest team in the NHL (winning 8 straight) head into the city to face the guys that ended their playoff run last season. The Washington Capitals have been less than impressive compared to last year, but sit only 1 point behind the Eastern Conference leader, the Philadelphia Flyers. Odd when you think about it. This team lost a handful of games in a row mid season leading up to this year's Winter Classic, and they still sit very high in the standings. Consistency has been an issue for them, but they still have the ability to put win streaks together. Will the Habs be able to take the lead in the season series ( split at the moment ) and end the Caps win streak, like they did last season? Guess we'll have to find out tonight.

Who's hot? Seems like the entire Capitals roster is playing very well. But Ovechkin has started to heat up. 17 points in his last 13 games. Over on the Habs, Carey Price is continuing to own his crease. Coming off his 8th shutout, he looks to improve all his stats in the run for the Vezina. Travis Moen has also been adding to the Habs offense lately. He's got 5 points in his last 5 games.

Brent Sopel, Max Pac, and possibly MC13 are out with injuries, while the Caps sit out Backstrom, Green and goaltender Neuvirth. So Holtby will likely get the green light once again.

How important are tonight's two points? Perhaps not as important as the statement that a win would make for the Habs. Beating the hottest team in the league with a major hole in our top 6 will only build a ton of confidence. With a tough week ahead of us, playing Tampa, New York and Minnesota, we can use any momentum we can get. I'm predicting a great pace tonight. Usually the case when these two teams play.

Game starts at 7:00pm tonight, and is being aired on RDS and TSN.


-Jason Pietroniro


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Looking forward to this, win or lose I hope it's a competitive game. Habs could very well play the Caps in the playoffs at some point and they're going to be pissed about what happened last year. Win or lose I'm predicting a 3-2 shootout.

On a side note... two protests in Montreal this afternoon... anti-police brutality and the NHL headshots demonstration. My car is parked in the middle of where both are happening. I'm scared.

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HAHAH, wow dude. Hoping for the best for ur chariot.
In other news, My VW Jetta is being a C*** and I can't seem to find the right MAP sensor. So, I feel ur pain as far as cars go for today.

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Well, it's your fault for driving a Jetta. I hate to go all Don Cherry on your ass but it's kind of like how it was Pacioretty's fault for getting his head in the way of Chara's hands. Tongue

BTW, did you see what Boudreau said? Guy just simply can't keep his mouth shut in front of a microphone.