Game Day : Habs vs Thrashers

If you are a Habs fan, you must be relieved that last week is done with. After going an entire week without a single point, the Habs (40-29-7) look for a huge bounce back tonight at the Bell Center, as we welcome the Atlanta Thrashers (32-31-12).

I'm not even going to begin to speak about the frustrations of the past week, but I will say this. The next few games are absolute must wins! We got Atlanta, Carolina, and then New Jersey. All teams that are, right now, out of a playoff spot. Statistically, we should win all three, but the ways things have gone this 2nd half, it's anyone's guess. Let's take a look at who to watch out for tonight.

The Thrashers have some hot hands in Bryan Little. He's had an up and down season, but is sitting pretty with a 3 game point streak. As for the Habs, welllllllllll. Three games without a point leaves the entire team ice cold, in my opinion. Only guy I will even speak about at this point is Carey Price. Although he may have let 1 or 2, maybe even 3 goals that weren't goals he would usually let by him, I gotta give him credit. He's kept his cool despite his team's troubles. If it weren't for him, I think some of those games would have really gotten out of hand.

Injuries have been an issue over the past month or so for the Habs. Thankfully, Plekanec is back in the lineup, but you could have fooled me. Where was he last week? Minus-4? For real TP? Look for a huge bounce back this week. Still out of the lineup are the usual Habs. In addition, Alex Picard may be out with a foot injury, according to the Habs official site. As for the Thrashers, no reports of any regulars sitting this one out.

So what's in store for tonight? Are the Habs going to disappoint another 21 thousand fans? Are they going to be able to muster up one lousy goal? Will we see the return of a confident, quick moving Carey Price? I think so. I'm going out on the limb and saying the Habs will dominate this game early. May let a few slip through later in the game, but they should come out with something to prove. At least they better.

Games starts at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS. Watch it!


-Jason Pietroniro


George Prax's picture

I have no prediction for this and I don't even know if I'll stick around for it if they flounder at the beginning. Had enough of this crap and I don't feel like watching 2 1/2 hours of people booing their own team. They need to come out strong and hard from the beginning.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

I'll go out and say a 4-3 win for the Habs. Unless the Thrashers score first. Then I say we lose. Who cares how.

Shahab Khan's picture

I predict a win - but have a feeling that it will be a close one. All I care about is that we get a point - one point will do!