Game Day : Red Wings @ Habs

The Detroit Red Wings are in town for a rare meeting against the Montreal Canadiens tonight.  Coming into this game the Wings are 33-15-1 and stand at the top of the rankings in the NHL.  Montreal, on the opposite side of the spectrum, comes into tonight's game with a bit of a weaker record of 18-21-9, putting them in 24th in the league.

The Red Wings have won 17 straight games at home, which is the longest running home game winning streak in the last 36 years, and you can bet you're sweet ass that that sort of momentum helps you on the road as well, so you can expect to see a very hyped up Red Wings squad tonight.  Let's not forget to mention that on top of their 17 straight home wins, they're currently on a 7 game winning streak overall, making tonight's contest even more important to them.  On the side, the Habs haven't been able to muster any type of momentum this season, having only strung together 1 real winning streak back in October, winning 4 straight.  Other than that, the Habs have been your classic .500 team, except we haven't been blessed with many moments of brilliance, which doesn't leave fans with much hope for the seasons to come.

The Red Wings have 7 players who have 25 points or more already this season and a handful of players just under, making them an extremely tough opponent for Montreal.  The Habs have just 4 players who can say they have more than 25 points, and after that, the success level drops pretty quickly.  The outcome of tonight is pretty clear, no reading between the lines on this one.

It's not all sad and tragic this season for the Habs, there are some small small things that fans can take away from this season.  The emergence of a new identity for the team is something Habs fans have been waiting for since the failed rebuild during the Koivu/Kovalev era.  Other than that, the firing of Jaques Martin is most likely the most popular positive to come out of this failure of a season.  Let's not forget about Alex Emelin, a first class hitter, something the Habs have been without for much too long.

While this may come off as more of a quick overview of the Habs than a preview for tonight's game, I'll leave you with a quick explanation as to why.  Previewing a team that improves from game to game, regardless of the outcome, is doable.  Previewing a team that does not improve game to game is a tall order.  My apologies for my lack of preview skills on this one ; ) .

Expect Price and Howard to get he calls in goal tonight. 

Game starts at 7:30pm and it will be broadcasted on TSN.  So no reason to watch this on RDS!

Good Game! 





George Prax's picture

I'm as negative as the next guy, and tonight will likely be a loss, but I don't know why you're being such a negative Nancy. They're 2-1-2 in their last 5. I don't want them to make the playoffs anymore but they've been playing some decent hockey and I think there are plenty of positives on the ice. All we can really ask for at this point.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

Decent hockey? Blowing 3rd period loses, inability to score 1 goal on home ice, and ultimately losing 3 times in 5 games is, in my opinion, something to be a bit upset about. I considerED our win against NYR to be a positive until we turned around and got shutout at home vs Wash, then blew a 3rd period lead vs Pitts. Only real positive I see was the win vs the Leafs. Being down 2-0 in season series and pulling a win was something to be happy about. Other than that, I stand by my neg Nancy attitude. lol. I guess you can say it's decent hockey as far as Montreal standards go. heh.

George Prax's picture

Again, you know I hate this team right now more than anyone, but if you're going to go down the list:

- Rangers: Good win
- Caps: Slow start but they were actually the better team over 3 periods, regardless of not scoring.
- Pens: Pretty insane game in terms of the calls, screwed up the pace of the game and they had a bad 3rd against one of the best teams in the east.
- Leafs: Good win.

It's one thing to point out the negative, but there's still a lot of positive we could point out. Cole, Pacioretty, DD, AK (even though he'll probably be traded), Eller, Rookies are doing fine, Price is still great. The season's been over for a while, we know this, and while there's still room to bitch about it I don't think it does anyone any good if everything is about how much they suck, especially after a stretch where they've been half-decent.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

I guess you can consider 2-1-2 a slight improvement, you're right. Just pissed I get entertained so much more watching other teams. I miss MY habs.

George Prax's picture

I can't argue with you there. Maybe I'm a little more complacent because I have other things to distract myself with seeing as I'm into TV, movies and games a lot too lol

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

The only way Montreal will win is if they dominate at least two periods. And I mean dominate, because of the seven straight wins Detroit has, 5 of them have only been 80% effort. They are winning shootouts and overtime games but have the ability to blow teams out of the water, they just haven't done it yet. If Montreal falters this could be that game.