Game Day : Sabres @ Habs

With the All Star game in the rearview mirror, the Habs have only a few weeks left to determine what type of team they will look like after the February 27th trade deadline. Will they be gunning for an 8th place finish, or will they become sellers at deadline and begin a much needed rebuild?  I suppose only time will tell.

In their first game of the rest of their lives, the Habs are taking on the struggling Buffalo Sabres on home ice, so if there is a game to win, it's tonight's.  The Buffalo Sabres, who had what seemed to be a great off season, have been one of the biggest let down teams in the league this season.  Acquiring "big" names like Christian Ehrhoff and Ville Leino has proven no results so far for the team.  While Ehrhoff has contributed to the Sabres scoring, his injuries have not helped the team, and Leino doesn't even deserve to be talked about.  The Sabres are 20-24-5 coming into tonight's game.

The Habs managed to head into the All Star break with a somewhat mediocre record over their last ten games, going 5-3-2 and winning their last two in good fashion.  Is this what fans can expect to see going forward?  Hard question to answer, but I do feel like this team took a step in the right direction being able to hold onto something over a ten game stretch. 

After Carey Price's humorous appearance in this past weekend's All Star game, he was given the day off yesterday but will return to the lineup for tonight's game.  Over on the Sabres you can expect to see Ryan Miller between the pipes.  As up and down as the Habs season has been thus far, at least it's not as frustrating as Miller's performance has been this season for his team.  Miller has gone from a league leading goaltender to, well, wherever he is now.  It is not due to his lack of talent, that is for sure, it seems deeper than that.  I truly believe his career in Buffalo may be looked at this off season.

Game starts at 7:30pm tonight and is being aired on RDS and TSN-HABSHD.

Good game!




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Gonna go 3-2 Habs in OT.