Recap/Preview Habs @ Sharks

The Montreal Canadiens were in Anaheim last night, and the results could not have been more dissapointing for this struggling club.

 After going up early in the first period with a big goal by Andrei Kostitsyn, the Canadiens threw it all away, letting Getzlaf score his first goal in 15 games seconds before the buzzer went off to signal the players into the first intermission.  Easily put, the Habs lost control in that instant.

Two of Anaheim's three power houses who were accused of under-achieving this season snapped out of their blank state of mind and each collected 3 points last night.  Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf were easily the difference makers and it was impossible to take your eyes off of them.  They single handedly put the Habs on their heels after tying the game with seconds to go in the first.  

Even with numerous chances on the power play, the Habs could not capitalize.  What makes it more frustrating for Habs fans was that in the opening ten minutes of the game, the Habs were all over the Ducks.  Taking advantage of turnovers, trapping the neutral zone, taking space away from the Ducks' players, they looked like the better team.

Once the 2nd period got underway, you could tell the Habs had punched out, the gusto was gone and they took the easy way out and just let things slide.  From then on until the final buzzer it was turnover after turnover, passes not being completed and 3 more goals were scored by the Ducks.  

The Habs look to put last night's failure behind them and are seemingly ready to face an even tougher challenge against the San Jose Sharks.  The Sharks are off to a great start this season and have collected 27 points in their first 21 games.  Although they are not sitting atop their division, the Sharks are 2 points behind first place with two games in hand.  

Although the Habs are facing a tougher team tonight, the good news is San Jose has had some issues with scoring as of late, scoring only 3 goals in their last 3 games.  However, seeing as how things have gone for the Habs, you could assume that the Sharks will be able to take advantage of the Habs and score big.  Seem's every team in the NHL has used the Habs to do that this season.

Carey Price should get the call tonight for the Habs, and you can expect Antti Niemi will be in between the pipes for the Sharks.  Habs are without their usual injured players, with a possibility again of Markov playing tonight.   The Sharks should be rolling a full roster.

Game time is at 10:30pm and the game is being aired on RDS.

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  • Leblanc was unnoticeable in last nights loss to the Ducks.  I don't put any blame on him, he was hardly used offensively.  He should remain in the roster for tonight's game.
  • Ducks coach, Randy Carlyle was fired an hour after the game, and was replaced by former Capitals head coach, Bruce Boudreau.  Uhhhh, really?  Lateral move to say the least.
  • Andrei Kostitsyn scored his first point in 5 games last night and looked great in the first ten minutes.  He then joined the rest of his squad in turning over and letting the Ducks have their way.  

In other news, the wrong coach was fired.


George Prax's picture

I can feel your frustration, and I share it. That loss was unnecessary. Every goal was the result of someone being lazy or not stepping up. Many times the players would just look at loose pucks waiting for the Ducks to take them. They were lethargic and their effort was non-existent. It's not going to get better tonight, apparently the travel from Anaheim to San Jose is a little ridiculous considering the small distance, so expect another loss.

And the winning team fires their coach. Go figure.

Jason Pietroniro's picture

It ain't easy being a Habs fan right now. Theres just not much more you can say about em.