Carolina Hurricanes Are Running Out Of Free Agent Options


The free agent pool is not really working to the advantage of the Carolina Hurricanes so far this offseason. The targets that they have chased have almost all landed in other areas. The only real big move that has worked in the favor of the Canes is the big trade on draft day.

The only other move the Canes have been able to secure is the signing of Marc-Andre Gragnani. According to Fox News, The Hurricanes bolstered their blue line with depth signing him to a one-year, two-way deal worth $800,000 in the NHL or $105,000 in the AHL

That being said, it wasn’t really a major move or luring any major talent to Raleigh. Maybe it’s time to look at futures.

There is some serious talent still out there in the restricted free agent pool. RFA’s are often frowned upon because they cost money and they usually require giving up future draft picks.

General managers don’t like to give up future picks because there is always a player or two that they think may be game changers coming up in the next year’s draft and they don’t want to lose the opportunity at getting their chance to bring that player into their fold when the time presents itself.

The restricted free agent pool gets pretty pricey and the question looms as to if there are any guys out there worthy of making any acquisitions.

The adage of do we work for the future or do we work for now will be the major question that management will have to face. Fans want to contend now and many don’t look at what moves like this can cost your team down the road.

In a different sport, look at how the New York Knicks sold their souls a few years ago and they haven’t had a draft worth anything in the past three years. They also didn’t get anything out of it in return when you look at the numbers.

The Hurricanes could be headed down this same road if they make the same decision. There is talent on this roster and it is aging, so management has to take all of those things into consideration.

If futures aren’t the move, then maybe the Canes will have to make a few decisions about trading some of the young developing talent to get a few pieces to give this roster a chance to compete.

Either way, Jim Rutherford is going to be pretty busy the next few months if he is going to pull a winning roster together.

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