Carolina Hurricanes Top Two Free Agent Targets Get Away

The top Hurricane free agent targets seemed to have slipped away from the grasps of management as the fourth of July rolled by. The Canes were hoping that the recently added Jordan Staal brother star-power would lead more free agents to Raleigh for the possibility of winning a Stanley Cup.

Zach Parise and Ryan Suter were high targets of the Canes and each found themselves finding work in another place. Who knew that Minnesota would become the home of both of the guys that Carolina was targeting?

Both guys are from the Midwest, and having a chance to spend more time with family was a vital part of the decisions of both men. Parise is from Minnesota and Suter is from bordering state Wisconsin.

The fact that these two guys were friends has a lot to do with most teams targeting both of them It was obvious looking at the bidders that everyone realized that the guys would be packaged together and they were indeed selling themselves as a pair. Once that happened, Minnesota became the favorite immediately and teams like Carolina and New Jersey started looking in other directions.

Now, the Canes must look a little deeper down their list of possibilities and pursue aggressively to finalize a roster with many needs.

They have a strong nucleus but they need much more than that if they are going to become serious contenders. One thing is for sure, there will be someone out there willing to jump on board to what management is doing.

Fans like to see management be aggressive and management hasn't disappointed yet.

Hang in there Canes fans, good days are ahead sooner than you all may think.

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