Free Agency: The Carolina Hurricanes Need Help On Defense

If you follow the Carolina Hurricanes, you know that they need more help on defense than just about any other team in the Southeast division. In fact they have been amongst the worst teams in the NHL at preventing shots on goal, not to mention that they are atrocious at the penalty kill.

Rebuilding a team's defense is always a long-term process and with quite a few young players working their way through the system, the Canes' defense corps is a work in progress.

Carolina's management has a few pieces in house that they can turn to but they must get it done in free agency if they are going to complete this roster and get it shaped up by the start of the NHL season.

Bryan Allen has been a key cog in the Hurricanes penalty kill and if he decides to sign elsewhere the Hurricanes will have some big shoes to fill.

Young guys are developing but having that veteran to anchor that defense has tons of value and right now the Hurricanes need a little more experience to solidify the defense and take some pressure off the goaltender.

At the moment, the Canes have six defensemen under contract for next season. 

The team may look to save money in that area, however if they can get someone of higher caliber then that would make their goalies happy and their fans ecstatic.

The only problem is all the good defensemen out there are going to be sought after.

Guys like Matt Carle, Jason Garrison, and Ryan Suter will be on the market but teams will be coveting them and money, location, and chances of winning will all play a big part on where they will sign.

Suter will probably be the guy that gets the most money of the three and you can almost erase him from consideration in Carolina as they will have to muster up the salaries of the Staal Brothers for a few years.

Jason Garrison has the most to offer as he can score and he sure can skate.

However it is doubtful by many that he can replicate what he did last season. His play seemed to emerge out of nowhere and that happens quite a bit when a player is approaching free-agency.

Quite frankly when you have the type of season that Garrison had, you are going to try to squeeze every penny possible out of ownership and get the best deal available.

That being said, he is exactly what the Hurricanes need, but chances are his momentum at the moment may be more than the Canes are willing to pay.

This will drive the Canes dilemma with Blake to reasoning. Chances are that Blake will not get many top offers until at least Suter and Garrison comes off the board. After those two, Blake will become the center of attention and maybe he will settle for familiarity instead of branching out and starting a new.

One thing is for sure, this year jockeying for position in free agency will help shape the power structure of the league.

The good news is that hockey is loading itself with talent. The bad news is that it’s going to be expensive to keep it around.  Something eventually has to give but for now all we can do is sit and watch as it unfolds in front of us. 


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