Reunited in Carolina; Jordan Staal traded to Hurricanes to join brother Eric


Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little and in the Carolina Hurricanes case, they had to give up a lot to get what they wanted.

Carolina fans are excited that Jordan Staal will be re-united with his brother Eric to help anchor the Hurricanes through the next few years. Talks began as soon as Jordan turned down a 10-year contract extension on Thursday.

Pittsburgh had to figure that Jordan was waiting for his contract to end so he could sign with Carolina so they were proactive and decided to get something in return.

The Penguins were fortunate enough to add some firepower to their roster by getting the number eight pick from Carolina (they chose Derrick Pouliot). They were also able to take away a future star Brandon Sutter and a throw in Brain Dumoulin who will actually help out the Penguins second line quite a bit.

Having dynamic duos is a trend in sports and usually leads to teams getting better. Caniacs have to be excited that they now have a lethal combination of players to make a run at the Stanley Cup next season. The only immediate problem with this trade is the salary that Jordan is going to command.  

The Canes need help on defense and have a few free agents that we need to address as soon as possible so hopefully Jordan doesn’t break the bank when he signs a long term deal. Whatever Jordan gets, it's clear he's a great player and deserves a sizable raise.

The brothers made it no secret that they all wanted to play together at some point and now they have the opportunity. North Carolina will have mixed feelings about this one and only time will tell if it is a good trade or not. Winning will of course make everyone happy but if things don’t start well there may be a lot of finger pointing and the blame game will be at an all-time high.

This trade can be pretty good for the Hurricanes. Management is being pro-active and many are tired of the season being virtually over in January. Carolina fans have been spoiled a little with such great success right out of the box. The first decade in Raleigh has been great for the fans and the state of hockey in North Carolina.

Maybe next year or even at some point this year the Hurricanes can make a move and get brother Marc Staal from the New York Rangers and complete the family triangle. If that happens, Caniacs will have a selling point and it could very well be one of the best public relations moves ever attempted in the NHL.

Either way, it was good to see the biggest move in the draft come from the Canes. Although it will be sad for many to see Brandon Sutter go, a new beginning is on the horizon.

And -if the pieces fit on the ice as well as they do on paper- the Canes are moving in the right direction. 



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