Pens Training Camp Power Rankings

This morning was the Pens open to the public trianing camp practices for the Penguins. A duly dull affair that serves as a reminder of those whose credo is "If it's free, it's for me." Color me as one of them.

While attending such a practice provides little more than a fix for hockey crazed junkies such as myself. The lack of discernable assesments of players and coaches alike won't stop me from taking a jovial look at the three hours I spent freezing in the middle of section 110 trying to understand just what was going in with the "controlled scrimmage"

7. My Wardrobe: Why oh why did I wear a t-shirt when I knew I was stepping into the heart of Scandinavia after the complaints about the ice conditions the day prior? I guess fans need training camp too.

6. The DJ: I know I have probably fell off the hip music wagon long ago but the music choices today gave me the feeling I was on the menu screen of a FIFA game. Quite European club style going on. I think Lorde was the only tune I recognized.

5. Beau Bennet's wrist: Might be healing ok afterall with quite some zip on a few of his wrist shots 

4. Beau Bennett's silliness: Hearty laugh from myself when, during a drill, Paul Martin and Bennett tumble to the ice and Bennett decided to climb over Martin instead of getting up like a sane person would all while smiling.

3. Horn Guy: During the controlled scrimmages, play would stop every 45 seconds for a line change. Needless to say, the horn guy got a workout and now likely has forearms like Popeye and is a candidate for a massage to avoid repetitive motion injuries.

2. Pascal Dupuis' Klout Score: Of note was the strong skating shown by Dupuis while still sporting the red "Don't Touch Me, I'm A Precious Flower" jersey. The cheers from the crowd when Dupuis buried a rebound during an early drill Google translated into "Where were you in the Rangers series?" !

1. Dan Carcillo: He didn't maim anyone!!!

That's it from me providing you a silly hockey fix until Monday night when the games count for sorta real against the Michican Denizens of Detroit Wings of Red presented by Amway.