TCL Flyers Makes Their 2nd Round Picks

Eastern Conference Semifinals

No. 7 Ottawa Senators vs No. 1 Pittsburgh Penguins

How they got here: Ottawa beat Montreal, 4-1; Pittsburgh beat NY Islanders, 4-2.

Pittsburgh will take on Ottawa in a series fueled by conspiracy theories surrounding Matt Cooke's slicing of Erik Karlsson's Achilles tendon. After the Islanders gave Pittsburgh a tough battle, they are hoping a switch in net fuels them to victory. Ottawa decimated the Canadiens in five games, proving they are a team to take seriously.

Why Ottawa will win: If the Senators want to win they're gonna have to find the Penguins' Achilles heel, which has been defense and goalte... Oh dear God, Don Brennan, put that thing away. I won't make that joke again, I swear!

Why Pittsburgh will win: The Penguins are rejuvenated thanks to the play of back-up goalie Tomas Vokoun... unless he turns up at the CONSOL Energy Center with a broken leg in which Marc-Andre Fleury swears he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

TCL Picks: John (Sens in 6), Alicia (Pens in 6), Jordan (Sens in 6), Dan (Pens in 6), Chris (Pens in 6), Mark (Sens in 7)

No. 6 New York Rangers vs No. 4 Boston Bruins

How they got here: New York beat Washington, 4-3; Boston beat Toronto, 4-3.

Boston and New York will battle in a classic city rivalry between two fanbases who despise each other. The Red Sox vs Yankees; Celtics vs Knicks; Patriots vs Giants. Bruins and Rangers have a history as a pair of Original Six teams. This series has a ton of potential.

Why New York will win -- Something about a curse, the better Manning brother and 312,319 championship rings among their six professional sports teams... and the Mets.

Why Boston will win -- Nearly blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Toronto Maple Leafs will inspire the Bruins to play better hockey. Either that or Zdeno Chara promising to take his teammates on what he likes to call the Max Pacioretty Ride of Doom.

TCL Picks: John (Rangers in 5), Alicia (Bruins in 7), Jordan (Bruins in 6), Dan (Bruins in 7), Chris (Rangers in 7), Mark (Rangers in 7)


Western Conference Semifinals

No. 7 Detroit Red Wings vs No. 1 Chicago Blackhawks

How they got there: Detroit beat Anaheim, 4-3; Chicago beat Minnesota, 4-1.

Chicago and Detroit will battle in the playoffs one last time as conference rivals with the new alignment next season. The other Original Six matchup in the playoffs, these two teams have a deep and rich history against one another. It'll be even more sweet for Detroit, the obvious under dog, if they can upset the NHL's best team in Chicago

Why Detroit will win -- Detroit is determined to win one last Stanley Cup while playing in the Western Conference where they will be the only team in the conference Kronwall'ing.

Why Chicago will win: Jonathan Toews was recently snubbed of a Hart Trophy bid and will look to play inspired hockey in spite of it. How else is he going to work off all that built up anger after rearranging his trophy case for a Cup and Hart Trophy?

TCL Picks: John (Hawks in 5), Alicia (Hawks in 7), Jordan (Hawks in 5), Dan (Hawks in 6), Chris (Hawks in 6), Mark (Hawks in 6)

No. 6 San Jose Sharks vs No. 5 Los Angeles Kings

How they got there: San Jose beat Vancouver, 4-0; Los Angeles beat St. Louis, 4-2.

Los Angeles and San Jose will have a SoCal showdown. Representing the two warmest climates of the eight remaining teams, their fanbases have been redhot all season and both will be incredibly loud as the two teams fight for the top spot in California.

Why San Jose will win: Since 2010, whoever eliminated the Vancouver Canucks from the playoffs went on to win the Stanley Cup, which I guess is the only way Roberto Luongo will ever contribute to a championship team.

Why Los Angeles will win: Because we’re Philadelphia fans and this is how God tortures us from now on.

TCL Picks: John (Kings in 6), Alicia (Kings in 6), Jordan (Kings in 6), Dan (Kings in 7), Chris (Kings in 6), Mark (Sharks in 7)



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