Canucks re-sign Jannik Hansen

Jannik Hansen is still a Vancouver Canuck.

The fiesty danish winger signed a 3 year deal worth 4.05 million. The deal means that the Canucks and Hansen will avoid arbitration, which was set for Friday. The deal is front loaded, as Hansen will earn 1.6 million in his first year, 1.35 million in the second year and 1.1 million in his third year.

It's a win-win, as Hansen wanted to stay here, and he wanted more than a one year contract. The Canucks wanted him here, and they wanted him for less than 2 million a year.

Hansen established a career high in points last season with 29.

My take: it's a good contract, and the Canucks saved money, because he would have easily made 2 million in arbitration. He's got some upside, but even if he never matures past a third line player, he'll still be worth what he's getting because he's one of the best third line players in the league. It's sad to say, but he and Maxim Lapierre were the two best Canucks in the Stanley Cup final, so this is definitely a good thing. Who knows? Maybe he pulls a Ryan Kesler and starts shooting 150 pucks a day in practice and comes back to training camp as a reliable offensive player. If not, then the Canucks maintain a heart and soul player, and one of the best penalty killers on the team. Now, Mike Gillis, go out and get a top six forward for Ryan Kesler!


George Prax's picture

Good deal for both parties. Can't wait to see him next to Lapierre for a full season.