A disgusting display

Minutes after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Final, rioting erupted in the downtown core.

Mindless morons, immature punks patrolled the streets, lighting cars on fire, breaking store windows and attacking fellow pedestrians. There were an estimated one hundred and fifty thousand people watching the game from the streets, and the police obviously had no way of containing them.

This is my short open letter to the idiots that felt like the loss of a Stanley Cup meant rioting.

After celebrating the Gold Medal one short year ago, the city of Vancouver had never looked better on a world stage. People from far and wide were raving about the city, it was a must see destination. In one short evening that image was tarnished forever. In a complete mimicry of the 1994 Vancouver riots, worthless pieces of trash began violently rioting throughout downtown Vancouver, proving, perhaps once and for all, that the city of Vancouver doesn't deserve a Stanley Cup.

I for one am now glad the Bruins won the cup. Anybody that acts like the fans did tonight deserves any amount of success. All i can hope is that these pin heads will be rounded up and herded into prisons like the sheep they are.

Why loot a Shoppers Drug Mart? Why loot a Chapters? One man rushed into a London Drugs and emerged with an armful of Pringles containers. That, my friends, is called looting for the sake of looting. It's called mob mentality. My one question to all these hardcore gangsters who decided to light cars on fire and overturn trucks. Why hide your face from cameras? Why attack people from behind? Because you are pathetic cowards who at the end of the night will return to your mothers basement suite while you upload pictures of these riots to facebook and comment, "LOL i was there! I so looted. I'm such a rebel!" I hope you don't mess your underpants too much when the police come knocking to give you your just desserts.

Fuck you and the horses you rode in on. You're a disgrace to your city, your province, and your hockey team. The city of Vancouver needs to grow the fuck up. And I mean now.


Chuck Gaston Jr's picture

It is an absolute shame that this happened. Every fan base has that odd% of crazy and messed up fans, it is a shame this odd% found another odd% of drunk and angry fans. That crowd mentality set in and unfortunately this led to that and shit was on fire everywhere. Your last section said it best.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

Even TSN guys said the people were idiots and jackasses. couldnt agree more. now people think nucks fans are all like that and its too bad.

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Philadelphia fans get voted the most intimidating fans in the NHL yet Chicago fans in Philadelphia last season walked away unscathed and the city remained intact.

What does this say about Vancouver fans?

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Just like in Montreal, it's not the fans that are the issue, it's a small percentage of anarchists and gang members that infiltrate these groups, camouflage themselves in hockey gear and start shit. Yes, people who were there strictly for the game end up getting involved, but those people are idiots. That's what happens when the police doesn't discriminate. If you're not allowed to leave the riot area, what's going to happen? You're going to get nervous and start shit yourself because of the hivemind.

The police said that a lot of these people came prepared with fire extinguishers, firecrackers, molotov cocktails, etc. Those aren't "true" fans, those are people that are there with ulterior motives. It's easy to generalize and attribute this to an entire fanbase, when it was clearly no more than a few hundred who were the real perpetrators.

That said, the city should be very much at fault for allowing 100,000 people to gather in the first place, knowing full well this could have happened.