We're going to Game 7

Yikes. Yikes to Roberto Luongo's play. Yikes to the penalty kill. Yikes to the powerplay. Yikes to the fact that Mason Raymond probably won't play again this series. Yikes that Dan Hamhuis is also on that list. Yikes that the Sedins and Ryan Kesler have disappeared.

Thank God that Game 7 in Vancouver.

The Canucks produced yet another stinker in the Garden, losing to the Boston Bruins 5-2 in Game six. The loss means that there will in fact be a decisive Game 7 in Vancouver on Wednesday night.

The Canucks actually played a very solid opening twenty minutes. They got good scoring chances on Bruins netminder Tim Thomas, and played a hard forcheck, banging bodies type of game. Then the Roberto Luongo of Games 3 and 4 showed up.

Luongo let in an absolutely putrid goal from Brad Marchand just over 5 minutes into the contest. Then, like so many other times this series, one goal led to another. And another. And another. 4 goals in just over five minutes to be exact.

After Marchand, it was Milan Lucic skating in alone and sneaking an ugly five hole goal on Luongo. Then, on the powerplay, it was Andrew Ference scoring on a shot from the blueline that hit NOBODY and went past a helpless Luongo. Just like that; 8:38 into Game six, Roberto Luongo was gone. So was Mason Raymond, hit awkwardly into the boards and taken to hospital with a suspected back injury.
Cory Schneider came in in relief and fared no better to start. He let in a Michael Ryder goal, but it definitely wasn't his fault, as Ryder tipped it at the last second and it went in off two posts. Those types of goals, you can live with.

The game was over before the first period was even done.

Vancouver showed some signs of life in the third, with Henrik Sedin scoring his third goal of the playoffs on the powerplay, backhanding the puck over Thomas. But then it was David Krejci scoring his 12th of the playoffs after Schneider made two unbelievable saves. He couldn't make a third, which is when Krejci made his move.

Maxim Lapierre scored in the dying minutes to make the score respectable, but all it meant was another beatdown in beantown.

Game 7 goes in Vancouver. It will, without a doubt, be the biggest contest of these players careers. Which Canuck team will show up?

If they want to end 40 years of frustration, it had better be a team led by Roberto Luongo and the Sedins.


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I hope raymond is ok. That was a very awkward hit. Going home is definately going to help, but there still is a problem. Boston has spanked Vancouver three games while Vancouver has snuck away with one goal victories at home. You have to wonder if Boston is able to score early and get under Luongo's skin if he will crumble? But, he also gets tougher to score on as the game goes on, so I just can't wait to watch. Good luck to the Canucks!

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This is a road dog series. Canucks are going to win at home, but it's going to be close. Can you guys please win? Please? It's going to be hard dealing with the fact the Bruins went to the final, let's not add a stanley cup to that list.

I don't think there's ever been a more ridiculous playoffs in NHL history.

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Raymond fractures his vertabre. 3 - 4 months he will be out and I speak for pens fans when wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.

This series remind anyone else of the Pens-Red Wings series just two seasons ago. I mean its almost exactly the same.

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The fact that the Habs should have beat the Bruins will make a Bruins cup win even harder to swallow. The Canucks have proven that they really aren't a strong playoff team, there's no excuse to struggle as much as they have. I've never seen a more erratic Cup final but it will all be forgotten if the Bruins lose. I just want to see that loser Thomas' face as he lifts the Conn Smythe as the losing goalie, for the first time in a while he'll be at loss for words.

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demez wrote:

The fact that the Habs should have beat the Bruins will make a Bruins cup win even harder to swallow. The Canucks have proven that they really aren't a strong playoff team, there's no excuse to struggle as much as they have. I've never seen a more erratic Cup final but it will all be forgotten if the Bruins lose. I just want to see that loser Thomas' face as he lifts the Conn Smythe as the losing goalie, for the first time in a while he'll be at loss for words.

Not a strong playoff team?? THEY'RE IN THE CUP FINAL.
They've shit the bed this final series, but to say they aren't a strong playoff team is ridiculous.

Anyways, if they win tomorrow, nothing else matters. I do think Vancouver will take it by a score of 2-1. Luongo will show up. However, whomever scores the first goal is winning this game

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It's a shame Luongo wasn't at a loss for words when he showed another chink in the armour by whining about not getting his tires pumped by the guy he wishes he could play at the same level as. If Luongo gets a cup ring to go with that gold medal, it's in spite of himself, just like the Olympics. He's insecure, emotionally fragile, and he's Vancouver's to deal with for another decade. Between that and the lack of integrity the Canucks are showing every night, it's not hard for me as a hockey fan to want to see the B's win it all.

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They needed OT to end a series they were up 3-0 in, they beat the Nashville Predators, and then they beat the King chokers and now they can't close it against an equally inconsistent team. What performance exactly has Vancouver put on these playoffs to show they were as strong as their season ending ranking would show? Had they played the Flyers with Pronger and a half decent goalie they would have lost this series 4 straight.

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Lol, they won three series against playoff NHL teams. It doesn't matter how they did it, all that matters is that they did do it. Your comments are as hilarious as they are wrong.

Coulda woulda shoulda. If the Canucks had a 100% healthy Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Manny Malhotra, Alex Edler, Christian Ehrhoff, and so on and so forth they wouldn't lose any series 4 straight. Give your head a shake

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I sort of agree with both of you. It's a weird final. Both teams that made it needed a lot of luck to get there, as both were a game 7 OT away from being out in the first round. Then the Bruins beat a Flyers team who's lack of goaltending caught up to them, the Canucks a team that never made it out of the first round. In round 3 it was the Bruins that needed game 7 again, but the Canucks dominated.

It's a strange thing. On paper, both teams should be where they are but both teams had their ups and downs this fall. And which ever team wins, they will have limped to that podium with that cup. But the truth is, cup winner has injuries, every cup winner faces adversity, every cup winner has their ups and downs, so I don't think there's anything wrong with either team winning.

Demez you said the Bruins would have been swept if the Flyer shad a decent goalie and Pronger. They also would have lost to the Habs if we had Markov and Gorges. But they didn't. And injuries and injury management is part of the game. By the same token, as Jon said, if the Canucks didn't have all these injuries (and apparently some of them are much worse than we know), they wouldn't need game 7 to put anyone out of the East away. I don't like either team, especially the Bruins, but whatever team wins tonight will have earned it.

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Forget Markov and Gorges, they would have lost to us if all we had was Pacioretty.

Give my head a shake? Just cause you have your Canucks goggles on super tight doesn't make what you say any more valid. I've watched the Canucks throughout these playoffs as a neutral and they're a piss poor team. They have a 10 million dollar goalie that's been pulled more than Bobrovsky, they have the sisters that have been more or less invisible throughout. This team has relied on Kesler, Burrows and their offensive defencemen for 90% of the load and now that none are producing in the finals their weaknesses are showing.

I've never seen two lesser deserving teams in a Stanley Cup final.

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Demez, how do you justify that comment. No one deserves the cup, you earn it and both of these teams have earned their chances. If they are the least deserving than they should have been spanked in the first series.

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Because both teams had lady luck on their side to even make it out of the first round, and both played less than strong opposition in the next two rounds. Boston should have lost to Montreal even with our injuries had the reffing been fair, played a Philly team that wouldn't have made the post season if they were missing Pronger from the beginning, beat the Tampa Bay Lighting that had absolutely no defense and relied on their goalie to stand on their head. On the other side you had Vancouver almost lose after being up 3-0, beat a team that doesn't even know what the post season is and then beat a team that wants to win a cup even less than them.

The Bruins are nothing more than a toned down version of the broadstreet bullies that have benefited these playoffs from the lack of consistency that is NHL officiating. If the NHL were to do something as drastic as mimic the ideal officiating model which is the NFL and actually follow the book and consistently call the same penalties every time, including in the playoffs when those same penalties should exist, teams like the Bruins would barely make the playoffs much less be called the champions right now. Unfortunately, this NHL will most likely never exist.

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Well, luck is a part of sports there demez. Boston beat Montreal, it happens. If Montreal was good enough to win a 7 game series, they would have. That's why they play seven, so one lucky game doesn't end a series.

And as a fan of the NFL as well, they have terrible officiating. Extremely biased towards teams and players.

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I agree with Chuck, I'm not a fan of the Bruins at all, and I don't like some of the things they did to get to the cup, but the truth is that luck is very much a part of winning the cup. If you win the cup, you usually deserve it regardless of controversy.

That said, the reffing was ridiculous in the entire playoffs and especially that last game. They put away the whistles for half the game then called random shit for no reason when the Bruins were up by a few goals.

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How does the NFL have terrible officiating? Name me a better system, sure certain superstar QB's and at times WR might benefit from calls but that barely makes up a fraction of the calls. The NFL is by far the most consistent in calling penalties in both the regular season and in the playoffs, as well as giving suspensions.

In the NHL its as if its a free for all come playoff time, the refs call random calls one period and nothing for the rest of the game. They lay out suspensions for one call and then a few months later none for the same call. Everyone knows that's the way it is which makes it worse, you have major hooking or slashing going on in an OT and even the announcers are saying you're going to have to do worse than that to get a penalty at this point in the game. Why? Why is the rule book different in the post season, do the players get a copy of this book to know what they can and can't get away with in the playoffs? As a fan, even in a neutral game its very frustrating watching so much shit go unpunished each and every night.

How can you have the Sedins, your back to back Art Ross winners and most likely Hart winners get face washed and pushed around after every whistle. You wouldn't have seen this in Gretzky's time but there's no respect left in the game, the stars no longer have the respect they deserve. Every year it becomes harder and harder to find a reason to keep watching the NHL and this year has made it the hardest, I really hope there's an NFL season cause I don't know what I'm going to do otherwise if I only have hockey to rely on.

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Demez, but the reffs let everything go. They didn't just pick on Vancouver, they let the teams play. For the most part, this was one of the better series when it came to reffs. We have seen over the past three seasons how bad officiating has gotten, so why are you shocked that it hasn't been the same. Vancouver didn't capitalize at all on their PP and that along with the stelar play of Thomas killed the canucks. The Refs let them play, they didn't decide anything and yet your are complaining that they didn't call enough. So your pissed that the refs didn't decide the game? Come on, dont give me that crap. Refs swallow their whistles when the game and series boil down and everyone knows that.

And every hockey player gets face washed, every hockey player gets pushed around. Crosby, Ovi, Sedin1 Sedin2, name them, they get it. Hell even Lidstrom gets it and he is a legend. Its a man game, if you can't handle a little face wash or shoves after a whistle, get out!

Also, it did happen in Gretzky's time. The only difference was that Wayne just ran behind McSorely and let his body gaurd beat them up.