Dynamic Duo in Dallas

If you haven't seen the first goal Jamie Benn scored against the Carolina Hurricanes on Sunday afternoon, please, do so. Pay attention to the disgusting pass from Loui Eriksson. Eriksson's pass to Benn on the second one wasn't too shabby either. This Stars forward duo continues to develop into one of the most potent in the entire league.

Benn (left) and Eriksson (right) celebrate a 7-6 OT victory over Colorado

NHL fans have seen their fair share of dynamic duos throughout the years. Kurri and Gretzky, Crosby and Malkin, Forsberg and Gagne, Datsyuk and Zetterberg...the list goes on. But who would have thought of Eriksson and Benn being the latest one-two punch that is the talk of the league?

Benn and Eriksson play with Michael Ryder, a streaky, yet skilled sniper forward. Currently, the line is on fire. Benn assisted on Eriksson's first goal of the game and the game winner in OT against the Avalanche. Eriksson returned the favor with two primary assists on Benn's two tallies in Carolina.

A huge part of the Stars' success during the season so far is the make-up of this first line. More often than not, offensive players lack defensive polish. In the case of this line, Benn, Eriksson and Ryder can all play two-way. They also work really, really well together.

Over the past couple of games, Eriksson and Benn have developed a knack for each other's presence on the ice. All signs point to this trend continuing. The hot Dallas Stars play the red hot Washington Capitals on Tuesday.

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