Gateway to the West

Coming off two full days of rest and a shutout against the New York Rangers, the St. Louis Blues faceoff tonight against the previously red-hot Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus, where they hope to continue their torrid open to the 2010-2011 NHL Season. The Blues currently own the league's second best record and sit atop the Western Conference: nine wins, one loss in regulation and two overtime losses. They have won seven games in a row, the league's longest, present winning streak. They are undefeated at the Scottrade Center. They own the league's best goal differential and have given up a paltry 18 goals against, which is two goals less than the next most staunch defense, the Boston Bruins. The Blues are just now beginning to reap the rewards of their trade with Montreal for this summer’s top signing, goaltender Jaroslav Halak, recently named to the NHL's Three Stars of the week for a second time this season, and their deep core of defensemen, who are currently missing the services of Roman Polak, Carlo Colaiacovo and Barret Jackman.

With their next five games against Western Conference opponents, the answer to the question of whether the St. Louis Blues are the real deal will become a bit more clear. One thing is for sure: so long as Jaroslav Halak maintains his current form and Ty Conklin continues as a better than serviceable back-up, Davis Payne's hard-working, no-nonsense Blues will be a force to be reckoned with. I hope you will join me over the course of this season as we watch the Blues’ battle to take ownership of the Central Division, the Western Conference, and the entire NHL unfold. The Stanley Cup parade route might just run through the Gateway to the West.

Looking forward to: welcoming back David Perron (@DP_57), as he recovers from the Joe Thorton center-ice crunch suffered five nights ago. For those who questioned whether Perron was acting to draw the call on Thorton, especially in light of his second period goal that same night, it looks like Perron just played through the hit and is now suffering from possible concussion symptoms.

Introduction: I'm a first-time blogger and a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fan living in Anchorage, Alaska, the home of the St. Louis Blues' ECHL affiliate, the Alaska Aces. Over the course of the last few years, I have kept a closer eye on the Blues as former-Aces coach Davis Payne has risen through the ranks. Also, my wife's family now lives in St. Louis and I was able to catch a game there two seasons ago. A bad loss for the Flyers, but a great atmosphere. I am looking forward to catching a few games there over the Thanksgiving break if I can convince the in-laws. All in all, I may not be able give you remotely the same in-depth analysis or heads-up information that someone like Andy Strickland can from my computer here in Alaska or the historical knowledge that your typical Blues’ fan can, but I'll strive to provide a regular, enjoyable read on the Blues. Finally, I’m not interested in fights or getting involved in any inter-web wars. We all have to work on Monday. Friendly, educated banter, though, is always welcome. Thanks for reading.


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Welcome to the team Josh! Good stuff and looking forward to hearing your opinions about the Blues!

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Also, you don't know how lucky you are to have Halak. I'm fine with Price on the Habs but Halak really did something special last year and he'll do everything in his power to do it again... only word of caution I would issue... watch out for him playing too many games. He got pretty tired at around 35-40 games last year and it could happen again.