Game 10 : Habs @ Isles

Photo Credit : The Canadian Press

Here we go! Montreal looks to add to their winning ways, and continue the streak! This being the 2nd game of a home and home series with the New York Islanders. Last game we were spoiled with some fast paced high scoring action and I think we are in store for more tonight.

James Wisniewski had a great game Wednesday night, as did Tomas Plekanec. Expect to see both those guys have multiple point nights. With Streit injured, JW quarterbacking their powerplay is working like a charm. Once again, if the Habs stay disciplined, this game is theres. We dominated 5 on 5 last game.

Alex Auld will be in nets for the Habs tonight. His first start of the season. He played decently in the pre-season and I'm excited to see how it pans out tonight. I expect to see Dwayne Roloson in nets for the Isles. Despite letting in 4 goals last game, he made some key stops to keep the Isles in the game.

Andrei Markov is not suiting up tonight, but all sources point him debuting in Montreal Saturday night against the Florida Panthers. This is something to be very excited about. PK Subban and Markov on the point during power plays can only mean good things. Cammalleri should also benefit from Markov's return. I expect to see plenty of Markov feeds to Cammalleri on the PP.

John Tavares looks to improve his scoring streak. He's got 6 goals in 6 games, and adds a key element to the already dangerous Islander power play.

Going to be a close one tonight in New York. A hard game to call. To be honest, Montreal's win last game came at a bit of a surprise, so instead of going with me head tonight, I'll be using me heart. 5-2 Habs. Fingers crossed!

Game starts at 7:00pm aired on RDS and TSN-Habs


-Kathryn Pateridis

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Jason Pietroniro's picture

Gotta disagree. I think the Habs are losing this one regardless. Going to be a tough loss as well. 4-1 Isles.

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Awesome picture btw.

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TSN Habs... I hate you Videotron.

I'm with Jay on this one... with home ice advantage and coming off a tough loss (and putting their better goalie in with DiPietro) it's going to be tough. They're not going to make as many mistakes defensively or give up the puck as much and the Habs are kinda due for a loss.

Auld is 6 and 1 in debuts with teams, but he lost his first start last year. I know the stat is kind of irrelevant, but I think he's going to lose this one.

3-1 Isles.

Don't forget the live blog tonight guys!

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DiPietro is playing tonight? To be honest I rather face him than Roloson.

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Jason Pietroniro wrote:

DiPietro is playing tonight? To be honest I rather face him than Roloson.

Both are great golaies. DiPietro's stats are deceitful though, I think he's been good this year. Sounds weird considering he doesn't have a SINGLE game with good stats lol but I think he's going to want to have a good performance tonight.

As for the videotron thing, it took like six months to get TSN2. By that time the season will be almost over Tongue

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And Videotron will have it within no time. Post something to the site to get locals to call videotron. TSN2 was picked up that way.

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Habs all the way - 4 - 2 for nos Canadiens de Montreal!

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I agree that this is going to a proving point kind night for the Isles, but I also think that Montreal is just getting started and beginning to gel nicely. If they show the same depth from the third and fourth lines as they did in the last match - I give it to the Habs. But more like a 3-2 score. Defense on both sides will be tighter.

Hope that Les Boys can keep out of the penalty box or they're gonna get burned ...

And I still wish that Price was in net tonight.

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Dp's stats aren't really misleading, but they don't do him the justice he deserves. He is a goalie who is trying to regain his form - he doesn't have all of it back yet. He'll make that incredible save but then let a weak one get by him. He's rusty but seems to be getting his composure back with each start. Roloson will hopefully be starting tonight.

Curious announcement made today: Bruno Gervais will be playing as a forward tonight. I personally don't like seeing teams use their 7th or 8th defenseman as a forward. We'll see what happens.

George Prax's picture

I think Scott Gordon got that one from our playbook haha. Maybe Mark Streit gave him the idea, he used to be a forward here all the time. Bergeron as recently as last year, but you know him too. Maybe they'll trade Gervais to the Habs to continue the trend Tongue

I don't really like it either Rob, but at least he's playing... right? Won't this be his first game of the season?

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Wow the Habs looked awesome. I thought Auld did a really good job tonight and Montreal was just one step ahead the whole night. It just seemed as if everything the Islanders tried to do tonight was just off. Looking forward to seeing more of these two as the season goes along.