Game 24 : Habs vs Sabres

The Montreal Canadiens are back at home tonight, after playing the worst game of their season last night. The Habs were out shot, out skated, and just out played by the young Atlanta Thrashers. I gotta give it to them though, they've been on a hot streak and you could see the passion in every player on every shift. We just looked flat. Our passing was off, out sticks weren't on the ice, and a handful of the Habs just didn't show up. It might have been Gomez, Subban and Halpern's worst game so far this season. Despite the score, and the fluky goal on Enstrom's floater, I thought Alex Auld looked fine. He did what he had to do as a back up and gave his team a chance to win. The guys left him out to dry.

Enough about the negative, let's move on and get a win. Buffalo (9-12-3) rolls into the Montreal (14-8-1) tonight. After a big win last night in Toronto, Buffalo looks to put their slow start behind them and build some momentum. They've had a tough time producing, which is surprising really. They have a lot of fire power, but they just can't seem to find the back of the net. With Miller being back in the picture I expect this team to start winning more games. Let's just hope they don't tonight.

Price should get the start tonight and I expect Miller to get the green light as well.

Game starts at 7:00pm and is being aired on CBC and RDS.


-Kathryn Pateridis


George Prax's picture

There's no excuse for performances like that... but you gotta admit it was due to be a letdown game. Tonight should be a lot better.

Kathryn Pateridis's picture

I was expecting a loss. But not a shutout.

George Prax's picture

That's a fair point... but it seems as though when they win, they destroy other teams, when they lose they get totally outclassed themselves. It's weird.

Alicia Sprenkle's picture

I'm sure tonight will be a great game. If Price is in net, then I'd expect a low scoring affair. After being shutout last night I'm positive the Habs will come out firing on all cylinders.