Game Day : Habs @ Thrashers

I know I'm late on this, but after the morning I had this'll have to do.

Montrealers will be pleased to know that even though we all had a crazy morning trying to get to work, we are able to enjoy the rare pleasure of a Habs game on a Friday night. Personally they are my favorite game nights. Nothing kicks off the weekend more then watching my team play. Here's the match up we're seeing tonight!

Habs (14-7-1) roll in to Atlanta (10-9-3) tonight. Contrary to what one might think, this is no easy game for the Habs. The Atlanta Thrashers are not a team to underestimate. Despite their mediocre (if that) record, this team is gelling. They are on a 3 game winning streak and they don't seem to be slowing down. With the return of Pavelec (3 wins in his first 3 back) and the recent naming of Andrew Ladd as their captain, the Thrashers are running full speed ahead. On top of that, defenseman/right-wing, Dustin Byfuglien is having a great season. He's got points in the last three games and is off the the best start he's had in his career.

On the Hab's side of things, Carey Price continues his hot steak. Leading the league in wins (13). But it won't help us tonight, as Alex Auld gets the green light in nets, his 2nd so far this season. A bold but much needed move, in my opinion. I felt like Price should have had a break earlier than this, however I can understand it coming now instead of earlier because of all the home games we've been playing recently. Other than Price, Andrei Kostitsyn is playing the most consistent hockey he's played in his career to date. Even when he's off the stat sheet, he's registering a huge amount of shots on net. He's skating hard, playing deeper in his own zone, and for the first time he doesn't look lost without the puck. This may sound a bit harsh, but I'm not surprised that it came this year. He struck me as the type of guy who would have a great year with his salary on the line. I really hope I'm just being hard on him, but something tells me I'm not. I don't buy into the whole "Sergie pressure" he had in the past few years.

Habs are without Markov ( I'm going to stop writing this soon) and the Thrashers are missing Fred Modin. (upper body)

With the Thrashers' speedy young offensive lines the Habs are in for a test tonight. If they can beat Pavelec early, I think the game is theirs. If the Habs are out-shot tonight I think it's going to be the Thrashers coming out on top.

Game starts at 7:30pm and is being aired on RDS.


-Kathryn Pateridis

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George Prax's picture

There are a few Thrashers I'm looking forward to seeing, mostly Evander Kane and former hawks Ladd and Byfuglien. Big Buff vs PK is going to be awesome. Hopefully it will be a fun, fast paced game. Can't say what the score will be, but it could be a let down game especially with Auld inactive for a month. Tomorrow's game is more important and the boys could feel that going in.

Cinerichabs88's picture

I agree with you george, but ill be bolder. Habs win 3-1 and tomorrow smoke the Sabres 5-2, my predictions stand as is. good game body and good games to the rest of the TCL!

George Prax's picture

Can't win all of them Eric. Last night was a let down game in a let down arena against a team there's no rivalry with and the Canadiens hadn't seen yet... emotions ran a little high later in the game with Subban getting his first career fight, so the next game might be a little better. But I'm not surprised about what happened there.

No way the Habs blow out the Sabres tonight but it will be a competitive divisional game.

Cinerichabs88's picture

i was almost right got the scores mixed up, lol. but it was kind of coming though i was hot for a few weeks, should have played mise-o-jeu lol. the buffalo game was really weired though, out shot the first, was out shot the second, even in the third. weired game for shizzle.