Deadline Probabilities


TEAM % Chance COST
Selanne 40 High Pick/Prospect
Parise 5 Top two lines + picks + prospects
Nabokov 0 High Pick/Prospect
Visnovsky 15 Roster Player + Pick
Moen 20 Pick/Prospect
Pahlsson 40 Pick/Prospect
Ruutu 10 High Pick + Prospect
Nash 5 2 Roster Players + High Picks/Prospects
Iginla 0 Not Likely to be Dealt
Grossman 60 Pick Prospect
Knuble 15 Mid range draft pick
Zidlicky 10 Mid range draft pick
Suter 0 Top two lines + picks + prospects
Hemsky 30 Picks + Prospects
Weber -100 Arm/Leg


So up there is a chart that I made up illustrating some probabilities of players coming to Detroit AT THE DEADLINE. Not free agency; that's a whole different ball game. Maybe this can squash some rumours and make some Detroit fans open their eyes.

The Likelys

Grossman, Pahlsson, Selanne

Two Swedes and a Fin. Sounds Familiar doesn't it? As A.K Bennett pointed out already, the Wings do well with Swedish defenceman named Nicklas. Grossman is a potential second pair guy that could replace Stuart after the end of the year and won't cost much. Pahlsson could be that grinder that the Wings need, and we all remember him on that shutdown line with Moen and Rob Niedermayer in 2007. Selanne is buddies with Valtteri Filppula and wants another Cup. What's sitting around in Anaheim going to do?

The Maybes

Moen, Knuble, Visnovsky, Hemsky

Hemsky is on everyone's list, which makes his return even more significant. If the price is right the Wings could go after him. An intriguing piece is Lubomir Visnovsky, a veteran defenceman that would play top line minutes. His price is a little high, but having him in Detroit would do wonders. Moen is apparently working on a new deal with Montreal, but Knuble, our old Detroit pick, wants out of Washington but only has three goals the whole year.

The Unlikelys

Parise, Nash, Ruutu, Zidlicky 

Parise and Nash will take ridiculous offers to obtain their services. Nash is a pipe dream, although apparently Columbus scouts were in Grand Rapids to watch the Griffins (hello Pahlsson?). Detroit will wait until Free Agency for Parise. Ruutu is injured and the Canes are asking for more than the Wings might want to give up. Zidlicky seems like a bad apple and was a healthy scratch for Minnesota.

Not Even in the Mix

Weber, Suter, Nabokov, Iginla

Weber and Suter are both on a playoff team, so why would Nashville trade them? Suter is UFA, so wait until the offseason instead of giving up your team for him. Nabokov is not on Detroit's radar after the emergence of Joey MacDonald as their backup. Iginla was a rumour that made no sense, and Calgary has said they aren't trading him.

Wings on the Block

Ken Holland said he wants to keep the team together, and while that's great, someone might be out the door at the deadline. His reluctance to part ways with roster players and high draft picks are why Detroit might not be a huge player at the deadline. 

Cory Emmerton: would be a good pick up for a young team in a rental deal. He doesn't seem like a fit with Detroit in the future.

Tomas Tatar: Of all of their Griffins, Tatar might be the perfect player to deal. Although I think he has a huge upside, getting that final piece of the puzzle might make him expendable.

Petr Mrazek: If Detroit trades him, I will not be happy. Then again, Detroit has done that to me with Shawn Matthias and Mattias Ritola (both of who aren't that great but at the time were solid prospects). Mrazek has stepped over Thomas McCollum and Jordan Pearce as the next goalie who will challenge Jimmy Howard.

Like so many people on Red Wings chat, everyone seems to think Jiri Hudler and Valtteri Filppula will be leaving soon. This is not the case. Hudler is having a great year with almost 20 goals and Filppula is playing more consistently than Henrik Zetterberg and showing a flair for holding the puck.

Expect Detroit to make the right move, not the big deadline splash.

The Checking Line - Red Wings Edition


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Kyle Busch


A.K. Bennett's picture

Taking a page out of Eklund's book with the chart? haha jk. We definitely have some forwards in common. I'm waiting to see how this week goes. I'd be willing to split the cost for Weber with some fans.

Kyle Andrew Busch's picture

It's the opposite of Eklund, he tells you where a player is going, I'm guessing who is most likely to end up in Detroit. It's something realistic based on deadline's past.

George Prax's picture

No Gill? I know I may have turned you off to him recently but he has to be likely considering Detroit likes older defensemen and they know him well from his days in Pittsburgh.