Rebrand Failure

I was busy working on an article about the NHL Guardians when I stumbled across the Lightning's new logo. And I threw my pen on the ground and said out loud, "What in the world is this?!?!"

I really have no idea why the team needs to change the logo AGAIN. The logo they have now is clean cut and I really like it. The only good thing about the new jersey is it still uses the Tampa Bay Blue from the current third jerseys.

I mean, seriously, the new one looks like the Gatorade logo. It's scary how identical they are:

There is no longer any black in the jerseys, which totally takes away from the Stanley Cup Championship team from 2004. The on ice product is going in the right direction, but these uniforms/logo are terrible. This might come off as a rant and it is. There's no lightning bolt on the pants anymore either! That was a mainstay of the uniforms and socks and made them stand out as different when compared to other teams. The logo even says "hockey club" on the third jersey. As if that was needed.

The logo looks like it was copied from the Gatorade logo, pasted onto paint and edited to make the colours different. All in all, I am flustered with this new logo and uniforms. If anyone has any comments, I'd gladly respond to any of them.

Kyle Busch


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horrible. Does Reebok design these? So many cool things you can do with a lightning bolt and they blow it again. Flat colors, uninspiring logo, no contrast. Bland, bland bland.

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The real question is, why were you writing your Guardians article with a pen? Get yourself a keyboard son.

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George Prax wrote:

The real question is, why were you writing your Guardians article with a pen? Get yourself a keyboard son.

i was in class Tongue

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Those really are terrible. The color is okay, but the logo is so blah and really is almost identical to the Gatorade logo. I don't understand why they decided to change again.

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This should be the next bolts logo:

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To be honest... I like it. It's simple, clean, and down to the point. Sure it needs some flash, but everything starts out as an idea right?

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it looks like jeff vinnik drew it on paint and slapped it on the jersey. i mean, they look like the Leafs. I don;t think they want to associate with them lol